Short Punk Haircuts For Girls

Are you growing tired of your super safe hairstyle? Do you want to inject a bit of rock attitude to your look? Do you want to shake things up a little and make people sit up and notice? Punk haircut is your answer. Punk is a haircut style where in the hair is anything but mainstream. You may call it weird, you may call it strange and the world calls it punk. This haircut can make you stand in a crowd of thousands. If you are daring and adventurous enough, here are the top 4 short punk haircuts for girls.

Stylish Short Punk Hairstyles

Blonde Bangs 

Sport a short bob extending up to your ears. Now get a thick bang but make sure they don’t cover your brows. Colour your bangs blonde and let the rest of your hair be all black.

Blonde Bangs

You may even add a dark green shade to the starting point of your blonde bangs. This will sure make you stand out. It is easy to maintain and really high on style. Get those dark smokey eyes with this haircut and wear no makeup at all. Nude lips go really well with this short punk haircut for girls.

Clean Shaved Nape 

Punk knows no boundary. Often when we say, go short, we mean the nape of the neck. This punk hairstyle for girls dares you to go beyond. Colour your hair blonde first. Now cut or rather get your nape clean shaven.

Clean Shaved Nape

Your hair should end right at the beginning of your ears. This haircut will look like a bowl and you can punk it up with various shades and highlights. The fun is in the super mini short length which will surely make heads turn.

Asymmetrical Bob 

You sure must have heard of this one too. However, here by asymmetrical we mean extremely asymmetrical. Get a front layer which is asymmetrical in a way that it runs from your crown and going up to your collar bone. It should cover one of your eyes going in a diagonal line.

asymmetrical bob

You may colour the layer in a different punk shade. Opt for electric blue, fluorescent green, neon orange, blood red or any other colour that catches your imagination. This haircut can be styled in a number of ways; you may simply let the layer fall on one of your eye or back comb it with the use of a gel, holding it back for longer.

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Long And Short 

Make one side of your hair long as compared to the other side which should be just about just your upper ear. Idea is to get an uneven cut. Add bangs if you want, but again, make sure they are either in an asymmetrical line or are unevenly cut. Use gel to sport a spiky look.

Long And Short

Colour the shorter side in a lighter shade and longer side in darker. The bangs should retain the original hair colour. Getting multi spikes can also do the trick for you. It not only looks chic and cool, it is easier to style and sport also. Highlight your hair if you don’t want to colour them. Make sure you use at least two-three different shades, highlighting different features of the haircut.