Side Fringe Hairstyles For Teenagers

Teenage girls are always ready to try an edgy style that would render them a contemporary look. Fringes are a great way of getting a slight change in your hairstyle without having to take the risk of a style overhaul. Any, literally any kind of haircut can be carried with a fringe.

The best part about fringes is that anyone with any face type, hair length and hair type can sport a fringe. Care must be taken to show off the current haircut nicely while accentuating other features with fringe. Know more about the 5 best fringe hairstyles for teenagers.

Stylish Side Fringe Hairstyles For Teenagers

Deep Fringe With High Pony  

This one is probably the most common yet most widely used hairstyle for teenagers with fringes. Best suited for long hair, deep fringes with high pony frame the face from one side.

Deep Fringe With High Pony

The pony looks great when tied high at the crown. A deep fringe gives a slight change in the look while not coming in the way, hence highlighting your features also. Side clips can help you adorn this hairstyle adorably.

Wispy Fringe With Half Clipped Hair 

Wispy bangs are generally side swept and cut at an angle to give your face a sharp chin. You may simply half clip your hair high at the crown, and style your wispy fringes sideways.

whispy fringes

While this looks best on people with voluminous and wavy hair, straight hair people too can carry this hairstyle beautifully. Try using colourful tic tac clips to rock this look.

Eyebrow Grazing Fringe With Pouf 

Get a thick, side-swept eye brow grazing fringe first of all. Now separate a section of your hair at the crown area. Pull it all together and tease it a little by back combing. Use a soft brush to even out the front section which must have tangles due to teasing. Now secure it using bobby pins and you are ready with your hairstyle. The beauty of this hairstyle lies in the height created with the help of pouf and the eye brow grazing fringe which adds drama to your look. You may also blow dry your fringe outwards.

Layered Fringe With Curls

If you are blessed with natural curls, this hairstyle might be for you then. Use some curling lotion on your hair after a hair wash. Now use a curling rod to create tighter curls.

Layered Fringe With Curls

You can add more movement to your fringe by cutting it too into layers. Now when you curl your hair, you may choose to straighten out your fringe. This contrast look will never let you down. Invest in a studded hair band to glamorise this style.

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Boho- Style Eye Skimming Fringe With Loose Low Pony 

If you don’t want to try hard for your hairstyle, yet look different, you may simply opt for a loose low pony and let your eye skimming fringe take care of your look.

Boho- Style Eye Skimming Fringe With Loose Low Pony

This hairstyle is for those teenagers who like being in their world and who love the bohemian style. You can beautifully wear a beady hair band to go with this look. Idea is to look different without having to put in much of effort.