Signs And Symptoms Of 31 Weeks Pregnancy

Tips for 31 Weeks Pregnancy

Tips for 31 Weeks PregnancyPregnancy is one of those phases which is etched in the memory of a woman whether it was a wonderful experience or not a smooth one. There might be critical changes in the body of a woman during this stage, but the joy of motherhood keeps her going.

Along, with her sound health she also needs to keep in mind the proper growth and development of the baby inside her womb. One of the requisites for all the three trimesters of pregnancy is to eat meals that are packed with nutrients. Only a healthy and nutrient rich body can determine the perfect physical and mental well-being of the baby.

Now since the baby is continuously growing every week, there are going to be drastic changes that you will have to face. To handle them properly, you need to broaden your horizons and knowledge about the same. From the size and the weight of the baby to the body structure of the mother, transformations will occur every now and then. Here in this pregnancy health guide we mention all that you need to know about the 31st week of pregnancy which falls under the third and the last trimester. You are just a few weeks away from your delivery and the countdown begins-

Tips And Information On 31 Weeks Of Pregnancy

The Size And Weight Of The Baby

The standard length of the baby during the 31st week of pregnancy is 17 inches and the weight is around 3 pounds. This can, however, differ a little from individual to individual.

The Development Changes In The Baby

The brain development of the baby has taken a faster pace and they can process all kind of information. Perceiving signals is another change in the baby during this week. The baby is also quite sleepy and at rest at this time of pregnancy. The body parts that have fully developed include the lungs and the digestive tract. Researches show that fat has started accumulating under the skin of the unborn baby.

The Alterations In Your Body

31st week is almost the last trimester of pregnancy and your countdown has begun. Herein, there are various transitions in your body as well since the baby is growing rapidly in size. One of the most prevalent signs that you will show is the contractions of the muscles popularly known as Braxton Hicks Contractions. This is nothing to be scared about and quite a common change in pregnant women. One of the plus points- the tightening of the muscles is painless.

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The amount of discharge from the vagina increases and so does the type. Cramps and pain in the abdomen are also experienced. Back ache in the lower regions will keep you goaded. Some women might see leaking of breast milk during the 31st week of pregnancy. You need to worry about it and wear a size bigger bra for the purpose.

Some Symptoms Of This Time Period

Some common symptoms that you will go through includes frequent urination, nasal blockage, headaches from time to time, clumsiness, bad posture and lack of concentration. Hazy memory, sleeplessness and varicose veins can also be experienced.

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