Signs And Symptoms Of Week 5 Pregnancy

Signs of Week 5 Pregnancy

Signs of Week 5 PregnancyPregnancy brings with it various signs and symptoms every week. The drastic transformations in the body and the development of the baby are responsible for this factor. You will notice that every passing week, you are facing different indications of the body towards pregnancy. However, you should be well-versed with what changes will occur in your body to actually be ready to face it as well as to overcome the feelings of fear that holds you because of the changing body functions and shape.

Week 5 of pregnancy falls into the first trimester and the 2nd month of pregnancy. Researches show that the first three months is very critical for the mother to be and there are innumerable alterations that take place. Firstly you need to confirm the pregnancy with the pregnancy test kit. Once the results are positive, use this pregnancy guide for women to know all the signs of the week 5th pregnancy. This will broaden your horizons and set up your expectation standards. Check them out-

Signs Of Week 5th Pregnancy

The Increase In Urination

One of the most prevalent signs that you might go through when in the first few months of pregnancy or in the third trimester is frequent feelings of urination. The active hormonal production and increase in the secretion fastens the functioning of the kidneys by improving the blood flow in these parts. This makes you feel like urinating all the time. However, it is not suggested that you cut down on water consumption since it is needed to hydrate the body and also keep the baby healthy.

Changes In The Breast

Another significant body part that is prone to change during the start of the 2nd month is breasts. They tend to become very tender due to the excessive secretion of estrogen and progesterone. Also, there is an increase in the size due to improved blood flow into the area and fat accumulation. This in the later stages will help you produce colostrums. It is best suggested that you buy a new piece of bra for the purpose.

Feelings Of Fatigue

Signs of week 5 pregnancy

Tiredness and exhaustion is another symptom that you will go through everyday when in the fifth week of pregnancy. This is because the body is continuously working to provide the baby with the required food and other requisites. Get enough rest and sleep to make sure that you control this issue well. You will soon see this symptom fading as soon as you enter the second trimester.

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Saliva Issues

Excessive saliva can also be experienced during the 5th week of pregnancy. You will always feel that your mouth is watering. This again is blamed on the hormonal changes in the body. Keep a chewing gum handy to control this sign.

Vomiting Tendencies

Signs of week 5 pregnancy

Vomiting and nausea are some of the factors that you can suddenly feel at any time of the day. Morning sickness is a common term used for this purpose. This can also be because of the heightened sensitivity to smell. It is important that you eat only those foods that are tolerable and does not aggravate the nausea.
Along with this you might also have cravings from time to time. so keep some finger foods handy.

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