Signs Of Fertility Problems In Women

infertility in womenThe awareness of family planning is very important and this is when a female’s body undergoes changes. A female undergoes various phases in her life and fertility cycle is one of them where a body undergoes changes due to hormonal changes and the menstruation cycle.

The fertility cycle helps in gaining information about the ovulation, high chances of getting pregnant and to abstain from pregnancy. A lady gets pregnant for about just five to six days in a month and the time when ovulation occurs. The ovulation takes place two weeks before periods so the ovulation takes place near the tenth day of the cycle.

A lady undergoes many changes whether be physical or emotional when she goes through her periods or is prepared to release an ovum or when a baby is conceived. Some changes might be visible and some may not be but a routine checkup should be done to keep a track of it. During ovulation the body undergoes various hormonal changes and there are few symptoms through which a lady can come to know about her fertility. They are:

Various Signs Of Fertility In Women

Fluctuations In Temperature

During periods or ovulation the body temperature of the woman goes up and stays for about ten to twelve days. The temperature should be checked daily and a pattern should be kept in mind when the body changes. The ovulation occurs usually two weeks before the next cycle and the temperature of the body goes up when there is a release of an ovum.

ovulation cycle


The temperature recorded during the fertility of a woman is known as basal body temperature and thermometers might be used every morning to record the temperature.

Constant Check Of Vaginal Phlegm

There are edible changes in the mucus of the vagina when there is a release of an ovum. Mainly the women depend on the physical signs to see the occurrence of ovulation and they plan the intercourse accordingly. The changes in the phlegm are beneficial when a woman breast feeds or is not having periods regularly. Many a times the semen left behind after the intercourse can be mistaken as phlegm so it should be properly read.

The Feeling Of Cervix

Cervix may be felt to check the daily changes accurately and beneficial for women who secrete no or less mucus. The women who breastfeed can also use this technique to anticipate the starting of their periods after delivery.

menstruation cycle


While menstruation cycles the cervix should not be felt and being comfortable is very important. The finger should be inserted in the vagina for the cervix to be felt and the cervix is different at different stages.

Gaining Of Weight

The body tends to gain a little weight during ovulation or menstruation periods and the body seems to be really heavy.

gaining weight

Four to five days before, bloating is noticed by the woman towards the tummy area and the spinal cord hurts a lot. The cramps and the contractions felt due to periods cause a lot of grief to the woman so a proper check and rest should be taken while periods.