Simple Acne Skin Care Tips For Teenage Girls

Simple Acne Skin Care Tips For Teenage GirlsSkin problem is a major health problem that almost all young girls face. Acne strikes more severely at this age than it occurs amongst adults. The reason behind acne problem at this age is puberty and changing hormones.

Girls undergo many changes, particularly in their teenage years, like monthly menstrual cycle, body and facial hair growth, growth spurts and some other physical changes.  Due to these hormonal changes in the body, acne outburst becomes more prominent at this age.

At the time when girls want to look their best, they have to deal with acne problem. The skin tends to become oily due to the hormones effecting sebaceous glands. The increased secretion of oil mixes with dead skin cells, and clogs the pores of the facial skin; as a result, acne flares up.

Skin tends to become oilyIt usually occurs on the cheeks, nose, forehead or chin, but in severe cases it can occur even on neck, shoulders, upper arms etc. Though it is a common skin problem, but if you are a young girl going through acne problem, you will need to take certain measures to get rid of acne. Severe outburst of acne can damage your skin, your look and it can even affect your self-esteem.

Acne problemIf needed, seek medical help also. Though you cannot do anything about your hormones, yet you can very well manage your skin issues and prevent serious outburst of acne by changing some dietary habits, reducing the stress you undergo in your daily life, and taking good care of your skin.

Teenagers and young girls often get upset noticing pimples on their face. Many of them even lose their self-confidence. Some of them become so obsessed with them that they become tensed and depressed. They sometimes develop inferiority complex. This is the time when girls truly need their parent’s support and guidance.  It is a parent’s responsibility to make them understand why acne occurs and what steps they can take to reduce them.

Tensed and depressedToday, the market is flooded with plenty of acne care products like topical gel, lotions and cream etc. which are commonly used to treat acne. Though some of them work temporarily but most of them do not give a permanent solution.  These expensive creams contain harsh chemicals and can make your skin over-dry as well as make the acne situation worse.

What You Can Do?

As clogged pores accumulate dirt and dust and cause pimples, first thing you need to do is wash your face as many times as possible with a mild cleanser or plain water. Stay away from using harsh soaps or face washes.

Wash your faceDrink as much water as you possibly can to flush out toxins from your body, which are also responsible for causing pimples. Also, drink healthy beverages like coconut water, fresh fruit juice, lemon water etc. to keep your body cool.

Drink Plenty of WaterMaximum girls suffer from acne problems due to their unhealthy diet. They love to eat junk foods like pizza, burger, colas etc. These oily, salty and spicy foods often lead to constipation and other stomach problem and causes acne. Reduce the intake of fast food and try to eat variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, if you want a clean and clear skin.

Eat variety of fresh fruits and vegetablesUsing over the counter topical ointments, gels, lotion, and creams may give relief to some extent, but in order to get quick result, girls often experiment with lot of products which result in skin irritation, itching and redness. Even if the product displays ‘safe and natural’, you must test its reaction first by using a bit of the product on your skin and follow the instructions written on the product strictly. Also notice the expiry date before buying them.

Your skin is sensitive at this young age. You don’t need to apply lots of cosmetics, particularly when your skin is susceptible to zits and acne. They will aggravate the acne condition because most of these cosmetic contains harsh chemicals, which will steal away natural grace from your skin.

Even if you are applying light make up, use herbal products and clean your face using a good cleanser to allow your skin to breath. Never touch, play or prick your pimples, as they can cause more pimples and leave permanent marks on your skin. Taking steam on face can be beneficial as it can open up pores and cleans them up naturally. Maintain personal hygiene and do not share your towel, cleanser etc. with anyone.

Using a good cleanser to allow your skinHome Remedies For Acne Treatment

There are hundreds of home remedies that you can apply to get rid of acne permanently and get glowing soft skin. Here are some very effective home remedies with ingredients that are easily found in our homes.

Apply yogurt on your face and let it dry. After 15 minutes, wash your face with rose water or plain water. Doing this regularly, can help you get rid of acne problem permanently.

Apply yogurt on your faceMake a paste using 2 tablespoons of honey and 1 teaspoon cinnamon powder; and apply the mixture on the affected area before you go to bed. Next morning clean your face with lukewarm water. Continuing this application for two weeks will help you to get rid of acne forever.

Use grinded nutmeg mixed with milk on pimples. Within few days acne will disappear, leaving no marks. Mixture of 1 teaspoon lemon juice and cinnamon powder (1 teaspoon) is also a god remedy for acne. You can also restrict the formation of acne and blackheads by applying mixture of 1 teaspoon groundnut oil and 1 teaspoon lime juice.

Use grinded nutmeg mixed with milkAppling fresh mint juice every night on your face can help you get rid of ace problem completely.  Make a paste of fenugreek leaves and apply the paste as face mask every night. Wait for 10-15 minutes and rinse your face with warm water to prevent pimples and blackheads.

Appling fresh mint juiceRaw papaya juice is also is very effective in treating acne. They will disappear without leaving any scar. In the same way, tomato pulp is also a useful remedy for acne. Apply sandalwood paste or powder mixed with rose water. Wait for 10-15 minutes and when it gets dried, wash your face with slightly warm water. Get clean and clear skin.

Raw papaya juiceWhile using these ingredients for the first time, make sure you don’t have any allergy with any of these ingredients by performing a skin test. All these remedies will not only help to solve your acne problem permanently, but will give you a refreshing glowing skin.