Simple And Effective Tips For Younger Looking Skin

Simple and effective tips for younger looking skin

Simple and effective tips for younger looking skinA younger and radiant skin can take years off from your face and can give you the confidence to walk with your head held high among your teenage daughter’s friends. After 30 years, the effect of ageing begins to become evident as most of the women begin to develop dark circles, under eye bags, wrinkles, crow’s feet, etc.

The key to maintain a younger looking skin lies in leading a well balanced life and taking care of skin at an early age.

Tips for Younger Looking Skin

Cleanse, tone and moisturize (CTM) your face regularly Cleaning, toning and moisturizing twice a day can lend a beautiful glow to your skin. At night time, during our sleep, our skin repairs itself as old cells are shed and new skin cells emerge. When we follow CTM at night time, our newly emerged cells get all the care and nourishment in the very beginning. This makes our skin soft and blemish free.

Again following CTM, in the morning time, before stepping out from home gives your skin a second chance to get cleaned and hydrated adequately.

Use Sunscreen

Sun causes a lot of harm to our skin. Direct exposure of sunlight on skin can cause pigmentation, tan, dull and uneven skin tone, sun burns and in extreme cases, cancer of the skin. To avoid all these beauty woes, apply a good quality broad spectrum sun screen daily on all the exposed parts of your skin. Keep reapplying the sunscreen every four hours even when you are indoors or when it is cloudy outside.

Drink Adequate Water

A well hydrated skin looks plump and glowing. You can hydrate your skin from within by drinking adequate amount of water on daily basis. Aim to drink 10-12 glasses of water daily. During winters, keep your water intake adequate by drinking warm water and soups. A dehydrated skin can quickly turn into shriveled and wrinkled lot.

Stop Smoking

Smoking causes many adverse effects on your skin. It accelerates the process of ageing and makes skin drooping, wrinkled and coarse. Smoking also causes uneven complexion and broken blood vessels. Regular smoking leads to changes in the elasticity of the skin, narrowing of blood cells which does not let all the nutrients and adequate amount of oxygen to reach the skin and loss of vitamin A and moisture from the skin.

Simple And Effective Tips For Younger Looking Skin

If you smoke than stop smoking immediately. It will take tremendous will power in the beginning but once you get rid of this unhealthy habit, the good effects will begin to show up fast. You may consult a doctor and take chewing gum substitute for smoking.

Eat Nutritious Foods

Eating regular and nutritious meals can make a tremendous difference to your skin. Minimize your intake of junk and canned foods and pay attention on eating nutritious and home cooked meals.

Make it a point to eat five servings of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Different fruits and vegetables provide a variety of essential nutrients to our body and lend a youthful look to our skin. Some nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E are very important for growth and repair of skin. So, eat nutritious meals all through the day.

Go for Regular Facials

Regular facials lend a youthful look to our skin. The process of deep cleansing, exfoliating and massaging the skin refurbishes the skin deeply and removes impurities from the skin. It increases blood circulation and brings a glow to the face. Identify a beauty expert who can give you gentle and effective facial regularly.

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Take a Good Night Sleep

Sleep is one of the most inexpensive beauty treatments we can gift ourselves. When we sleep antioxidants in our body get reactivated (they tend to get deactivated when exposed to sunlight) and work as anti- ageing agents in the body.

Simple And Effective Tips For Younger Looking Skin

The process of cell turnover also takes place at night time and hence a good sleep ensures new and fresh skin on our face and body. 8 – 9 hours of undisturbed sleep makes our skin fresh, rejuvenated and young.

Get Regular Body Massages

Body massages help improve blood circulation, improve skin tone and bring a glow to our skin. You can use any of the oils suitable for your skin like olive oil, coconut oil, mustard oil, sesame oil, etc. Aim for at least once-in-a-week body massage.

Exercise Regularly

Exercising also improves blood circulation, helps in releasing trapped toxins in the skin and releases happy hormones in the body. All these things help in bringing extra glow to the skin and helps in maintaining its youthful radiance. These tips can help you in looking younger and radiant so follow them and fall in love with yourself.