Simple Home Remedies For Infant Cold

infant coldCold is one of the most common conditions which infants develop and that too sometimes quite often. Mums often worry about infants catching cold, but no matter how much they try, this becomes unavoidable and babies have cold sometime or the other.

Home remedies for infant cold are time tested to provide relief and fight such an infection, helping the baby to sleep peacefully.  Here are a few things which you can do for infant cold.

Tackle Infant Cold At Home

Use A Home Made Steam Humidifier

Your baby will need rest to fight the infection and for this getting proper sleep is quite necessary. Help your baby to steam in from this vaporizer.

Steam Humidifier

When your baby will breathe in this moist air, the mucus in nasal passage will slowly loosen providing smooth breathing and relaxation. However, be very careful or your baby might get hurt due to the steam.

Use Vapor Rubs And Balms

These will help your baby to sleep peacefully throughout the night. Prepare home made vapor rub using camphor or eucalyptus oil. This helps in clearing the nasal blockage, helping to breathe easily and sleep peacefully. You can prepare balms at home using beeswax, aloe, herbs and some essential oils. These balms and rubs can be massaged gently in the chest or nose area for quick relief.

Sleeping Position

When your baby is suffering from cold, you have to give him/her relief immediately. Help your child keep his/her head in an elevated position so that breathing is comfortable and easily.


Though you will be treating cold with other home remedies, this elevated sleeping position is going to help your baby sleep comfortably and quickly.

Use Garlic Cloves


Garlic is also a wonder medicine. You can boil a few garlic cloves in mustard oil for at least 20 minutes. This can then be applied externally on the chest area. It will give relief.

Give Enough Fluids

You have to ensure that your child is hydrated when suffering from cold. Give them what they love to drink – if your baby has not yet turned six months, you should ideally feed your infant breast milk.Try not to give water straight away if your baby is younger than 6 months because such young babies do not have their kidneys well developed to process too water within a short time.

Use Honey

Honey is known for its many medicinal properties. This is considered to be a natural cough syrup for babies, youngsters, adult and elderly – helping to treat irritation and itchiness of the throat. It helps in soothing the throat and brings the cold under control.


You will need to warm honey a little bit and let your baby have a few drops – you can add water to reduce its thickness or mix it with milk for helping your baby in having it conveniently. However, the recommended age for honey is one year and above. If your baby suffers from infant cold, do not feel stressed and worried as it is a common condition. Just take care of your baby well and infant cold will vanish soon.