4 Home Remedies For Quick Weight Loss

4 Home Remedies For Quick Weight Loss

Weight gain is a constant nagging complaint by people all over the world.The much hyped diets and exercise regimen are getting the better of those pining to lose weight. Some individuals switch to drugs that promise weight loss but come with potent side effects.

However, such measures get you very little or no success at all. At times, the side effects are harsher to deal with than the excess weight problem itself. So, in a bid to avoid all these predicaments adopting home remedies for weight loss is an ideal way out.

Home Remedies For Weight Loss

Cut Down On Sugar And Salt

If you look heavily plump and swollen,cutting down on sugar and salt will help you realize the weight loss goal much quicker than you think. This is not only due to the high calories that sugar holds, but it is also because of the water retention properties of salt and sugar that make your body hold a lot of water when you consume these.


Restrict these two white poisons and see yourself making frequent trips to the washroom as your body now wants to release the excess of water through urine to maintain the osmotic balance.You will lose your first few pounds very quickly by cutting down on these.

Lemon Juice Detox Potion

This may seem to come straight from old grandma’s chronicles but this is indeed an amazing remedy that removes hurdles in your weight loss plan and prepares your body for losing pounds quicker. Lemon juice clears the excess mucus inside the body, the leading cause of blocked channels and increased weight.

lemon juice 1

Excess mucus is like trash within the body and the weight of this trash is way too much making you look heavier than you usually would Squeeze a lemon into a glass of warm water and sip this potion early in the morning even before you have your first cup of caffeine.Another alternative to this is the much propounded aloe vera juice. It is a great detoxifier and helps accelerate your weight lossAlso Read

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Stock Up On Vitamins

Are you wondering why I am telling you to have more of vitamins when you want to lose weight? Well, lack of essential vitamins is one of the leading causes of weight gain.Vitamins are critical elements in the energy metabolism processes within the body.

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One of the reasons behind your piling up on these many pounds could be a deficit of these essential micronutrients within the body. So, if you want to lose the excess pounds, eat adequate amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables as these are rich sources of vitamins and minerals.And yes, please bust that myth that vitamins make you fat.

Rev Up Your Sleeping Metabolism

A laggard metabolism can make you fat even when you hardly eat. In order to speed up your metabolism, eat more of hot and spicy foods like red chillies, peppers, onion and garlic.


You can also sip 2-3 cups of black coffee every day for improving your calorie-burning rate. Following these simple home remedies is sure to kick-start the process of weight loss and fetch you faster results than the mere calorie count approach.