7 Home Remedies For Sensitive Teeth

7 Home Remedies For Sensitive Teeth

Does having cold drinks or iced colas cause a searing sensation in your teeth? Do you feel a sudden severe pain in your teeth whenever you have something hot or sugary?Sensitive teeth can be a difficult problem and having your favorite food can turn nightmarish.

Sensitive teeth need to be tackled soon enough or it can be a real pain whenever you eat or drink something.Here are some effective home remedies for sensitive teeth which will help in easing the pain.

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Stay Away From Acidic Foods And Drinks

You need to avoid all foods which will attack your enamel causing pain.Such foods are acidic in nature and include fruit juices, red wine and even pickle. These foods cause irreparable damage to the enamel and will also increase your pain.

spicy food

Avoid Too Cold Or Too Hot Drinks

Most often the pain is triggered when we have something which is icy cold or too hot and sugary.As long as you are undergoing treatment for sensitive teeth, it is best to avoid such items. If you avoid too cold or hot sugary items, you will not experience the pain as it is triggered mainly by such foods.

avoid alchol

Keep Your Teeth Clean Always

Keep washing your mouth every time you have food to keep it free from acid formation.Plaque formation can irritate your teeth and cause pain if you suffer from sensitive teeth. You can brush just after you eat something and strictly before going to bed.

tooth clean

Change Your Toothbrush

If you suffer from sensitive teeth you should use a soft toothbrush.If you brush with extra force or use a hard bristled brush, it will damage your tooth enamel.Your gum line can recede also and expose dentine which can lead to sensitivity.


It is recommended to use a brush which has soft bristles and brush while applying very little pressure. If you use the right brush, you do not have to use force to clean your teeth.

Stop Chewing Hard Candies

You need to change some habits like chewing hard candies or sucking candies which can cause immense enamel abrasion and lead to further tooth sensitivity.

chew candy

Balance Acid Levels In Your Mouth

Suppose you have already had something acidic and you realize that your teeth is now going to cause trouble – just drink milk or have a glass of water.It is very effective in balancing the acid levels of your mouth.This is recommended as you should not brush your teeth immediately after you had something acidic as it will cause more abrasion and increase your pain.

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Use Salt

Take a pinch of salt and rub it over your teeth gently so that it covers the entire enamel. This helps in reducing the pain caused due to sensitive teeth. You can use salt mixed with water as your regular mouth wash also.


All the above home remedies for sensitive teeth are effective and will offer you complete relief from the pain caused due to such teeth.