Simple Makeup Tips For Acne Prone Skin

acne prone skinAcne can cause an acute hindrance while applying makeup. It is to be remembered that women with acne and pimples cannot use any product like women with normal skin types.

While choosing the right kind of makeup is absolutely necessary for wellbeing of the skin, choosing the proper shades that can camouflage the ugly marks and zits with precision also is important. Here are a few makeup tips to take care of while applying makeup on acne prone skin:

Makeup Tips For Acne Prone Skin

Before Starting Makeup

It is important to take care of certain things before starting the makeup. Always use a clean applicator whether it is a brush or a sponge.

clean applicator

Wash your brushes periodically as they are breeding grounds for bacteria and can deteriorate the condition of the skin further. You should also check the ingredient of the products and look for words like paraben-free and non-comedogenic before purchasing.

Prep Your Skin

Always try to make your skin ready for the makeup. As your skin is problematic it is best to use products that can absorb excess oil. Excess oil production from the sebaceous glands is the main cause of acne. An astringent toner or a camomile enriched lotion can be used before your makeup. An oil-free formula not only can prevent shine and greasiness but also protect you from further breaking out.

Prime Your Skin

Use a good quality primer specially designed for oily skin for a better makeup. Primers can not only hide imperfections with ease they also make the skin smooth and perfect for the makeup to blend and spread properly.


Primers like MAC Prep & Prime can work magic on hyper pigmented skin and can protect from sunrays. Some primers like Laura Mercier can restrict the oil production and create a matte makeup. Others like Clarins can hide the acne scars very effectively, making the skin look flawless and radiant.

Create a Base

The face makeup is best done with a powder based foundation for acne prone skin. However, since the coverage is limited, if you want a high coverage then stick to a liquid foundation that has light texture. Heavy foundations can be dangerous for the skin.


Try something that gives a matte finish and is oil-free in texture. Neutrogena Skin Clearing Foundation is a good bet as it has Salicyclic acid and leaves the skin fresh and glowing. Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation is another high end product that give a luxurious effect to acne prone skin.

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Get Even

When foundations alone cannot hide stubborn marks and scars, get the help of a concealer. Concealers like Physician Formula Conceal RX completely cover hyperpigmentation and creates an amazing even toned complexion.


Dermablend Quick Fix is another option that can cover any kind of scarring and zits without being heavy or dry. It gives a natural touch to your complexion.

Finishing Touches

No matter what foundation and concealer you have used, and how they have claimed to stay matte and non-greasy for hours, you require a setting powder for a really long staying makeup. This is quite a task for amateurs as most of the powders just trap the oil and cover the face like a mask which can cause breakouts.

Revlon Nearly Naked powder provides a really natural coverage and can make the makeup stay for hours together. Again loose mineral powders like Neutrogena Mineral Powder is the best option for acne prone skin as it restricts the clogging of pores and treats acne at the same time.