Simple Natural Cure For Pylori Bacteria

helicobacter pylori bacteria

helicobacter pylori bacteriaYour stomach has acid in which Pylori bacteria stays. It lives on the acid so if the acid itself is diluted, it loses all the chances to survive. In the inner wall of the stomach this bacteria is to be found which leads to chronic inflammation. As  its nature, it takes a toll on the health of your stomach and smaller intestine causing infection.

Here under are some natural remedies against Helicobator Pylori Bacteria

Natural Cure For Pylori Bacteria


You are suggested to drink plenty of water because during the attack of pylori bacteria, your stomach craves a lot of fluid. At least 12 glasses of water is suggested to drink as to turn down the pain.



Mastic is alternatively known as Mastica which is a Greek pistachio tree. This is a once and for all cure for gastro-intestinal disorders. Mastic oil falls harsh on the Pylori Bacteria and also eradicates cancel cells.


These are contained with Ellagic acid which is known to be a strong immunity correcting acid. Ellagic acid kills the stomach upsetting bacteria and relieves the stomach.


Broccoli has sulforphane that antagonises the growth of Pylori bacteria. Sulforphane is equal to the Ellagic acid that is anti microbial, anti cancer and anti diabetic.



Cinnamon extracts hold back the urease enzymes from playing the catalyst for the spread of H. Pylori cells. However, it works exactly like an antibiotic. Consumption of cinnamon has been proven highly helpful to eradicate H. Pylori Bacteria.

Manuka Honey

The high level acidic PH balance in the Manuka honey opposes the further growth of Pylori Bacteria. Manuka honey carries synergist that doubles antibacterial process. Manuka honey also has ample amounts of Antioxidants that curb the attack of bacteria too.


If you have problems about your chest or congestion for that matter, garlic cloves help. It curbs the attack of Pylori Bacteria in your intestine and cures the digestive disorders.


This is anti inflammatory in nature so consumption of a clove per day will help. Aside from that, consumption of a fat amount in cooked food also substitutes the raw consumption.


Freshly cut ginger treats bacterial dysentery. It is very well trusted to cure stomach problems. This is anti bacterial and anti inflammatory also. It corrects your appetite and brings you to a healthy hunger.



Mint has menthol that is very effective on the digestive system. It tickles a small anesthesia on the gastric mucous membrane whereby it stimulates the digestion. It heals toxic infections also.

Nettle Tea

It contains anti histamine which is very effective in curing the intestinal disorders. Apart from curing the gastric disorders, it also corrects the respiratory system.

Cranberry Juice

cranberry juice

It corrects the body’s blood circulation. Cranberry juice has tannins that stop the intestinal disorders. In any case, it is a cooling fluid for your body and consumption of such each day produces good effect on your heart as well as intestine. It is a bactericide which kills H. Pylori Bacteria inside out.


Chamomile cools the stomach inflammation and eases the bowel movement. Your digestion in corrected. If combined with peppermint, it yields rather double result.

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