Simple Remedies to Control Dandruff

Dandruff is a fungus infection caused by ‘malassezia’. It is normally caused because of poor hygienic condition of the scalp. Excessive use of hair products is one of the reasons for Dandruff. Other reasons for Dandruff are hormonal imbalance, changes in metabolism, poor diet etc. It is caused by dead skin (epidermal) cells coming out of scalp in large numbers.  Dandruff may also cause loss of hair because the infection takes away moisture from the hair.

Remedies for fighting Dandruff:

Apply Coconut, Almond or Olive Oil in the night. Next day apply Lemon juice and after about one hour, take bath using shampoo. As an alternative, mix Henna powder with Lemon, Curd or Egg and apply it on the scalp. Another method is to apply Curd on the scalp and after about half an hour, take bath using a good shampoo.

Naturopaths say that Apple Cider should be mixed with Vinegar and the paste should be applied on the scalp. After about one hour of applying, wash the head in the normal course. Normally, Dandruff will disappear after about one week of this treatment. Another method is to mix Baking Soda in shampoo and apply it on the head. If it results in a burning sensation, it is presumed that the medicine is curing Dandruff. Some suggest that instead of Baking Powder, two aspirin neatly crushed should be mixed and applied on the scalp.

Aloe Vera is also found to be effective in curing Dandruff. It is suggested to apply Aloe Vera gel on the scalp about 15 minutes prior to taking bath. Then wash the head in the normal course.

In so far as hygiene of the scalp is concerned, doctors advise that combs and brushes should be cleaned thoroughly before use. Do not apply too many hair products. Ensure that the scalp is thoroughly cleaned as frequently as possible.

Doctors also advise patients suffering from Dandruff to take lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. At the same time, doctors think that stress also causes this disease. Therefore, they suggest practicing yoga and meditation which helps to reduce stress. Further, doctors also advise those suffering from Dandruff not to take sea food, milk and Vitamin C, and products like Orange, Tamarind and Tomato etc, which are rich in Vitamin C.