3 Simple Steps On How To Design Nail Art

Nail Art

Girls love nail art and it can really make their day special with a beautiful design printed on the nails. Most of us think that we always have to go to nail parlors to get this lovely nail art and if you are doing it at home, you have to be very creative. But, I must tell you that all you require is a bit of patience and some good designs to do your own nail art at home.

Nail Art

If you are a beginner, choose simple designs which are easy to make and does not require a detailed work. After gaining a bit of practice, you can always go for a detailed design. Here are some of the basic things on designing nail art.

Design Your Nails At Home

How To Start

Before starting your nail art at home, make sure your hands are clean, washed and your nails are free of dirt and oil. After cleaning them, file your nails in the desired shape as you can’t do this after painting them. Though, you might require different items in accordance with the individual nail art designs, some of the most basic items of nail art are a translucent base coat, a nail color, toothpick and a top coat.

First, take your basecoat and apply them on all the nails followed by a nail color. Give them a few minutes to dry and then start creating dots or flowers with the help of a toothpick dipped in your favorite color. After the design gets dry, apply the final coat to make the design stay longer. Before applying the final coat, you can also add glitters on your nails to make them more beautiful.

How To Start

Get Creative With Stickers & Fabrics

If you are bored of simple designs and want a creative design, stickers are the best option. These are easily available in the market separately or with nail art kits. All you have to do here is to apply a base coat and a nail color. Simply take your sticker and paste it on your nails gently. But, make sure to do this only after the nail polish has dried completely.

Cover the sticker with a top and final coat. If you are using a fabric to do nail art, simply make an outline of your nails on a white paper. Using this paper, cut the fabric according to the size of your nails and design them with the help of a thick nail polish or an adhesive coat. After placing the fabric, cover the nails with a transparent coat to complete the look.


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Design As Per The Occasions

You can always use a basic pink or silver for daily wear, but how about the special occasions? If you are attending a wedding or a cocktail party, choose a glamorous design. You can opt for nail piercing which includes gemstones, rhinestones and pearls. These look stunning and can complement any wedding theme. For Christmas, you can design a Christmas tree with holly leaves on your nails. If it’s the Valentine day, draw red hearts with cute cupids.

Design As Per The Occasions

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