6 Best Light Hold Hair Pastes

6 Best Light Hold Hair Pastes

Hair pastes are essential for hairstyles.While some hair pastes are formulated to offer definition, shape and volume, almost all of them are endowed with a variable amount of hold threshold. The higher the hold meter, the stronger will be the hold.

Although strong hold hair pastes are best recommended for keeping high-duty hairstyles in shape and place they do not offer the flexibility to mold and play with hairstyles.Light hold hair pastes on the other hand offer optimum hold with other features like the independence to frequently mold and define hair strands.

Best Light Hold Hair Pastes

IT&LY Purity Design Pure Definition Paste

A perfect combination of natural ingredients and effective styling this light hold hair paste from IT&LY Purity Design is one of the best light hold pastes available in the market. Enriched with cocoa butter, this amazing hair paste aids in creating the perfect light hold look,while infusing hair strands with moisture, necessary amount of hydration and ultimate softness.


The light hold formulation of this hair paste offers optimum hold and texture to add definition to even curly hair. The best thing about this paste is that you can apply it directly over dry hair.Just rake a small amount of this paste onto the targeted area after rubbing it slightly between your fingers to get a completely natural and elegant-looking hold.

Glop & Glam Chocolate Controller

A chocolate flavored light-hold paste the Chocolate Controller paste from Glop & Glam is ideal for imparting a messy texture and hold. It seals hair strands in a shield of blinding shine, while offering light holb to medium long or long tresses.


The semi-sweet chocolate flavoured formula is considered fit for children also,as it is completely free of parabens,alcohol and sulfates. The lightweight creamy formula blends with each hair strands to intensely hydrate and control frizz at the same time. Packed in an attractive bubble shaped chocolate colored jar, this hair paste is a perfect combination of fun and effectiveness.

KMS California Molding Paste

A rockstar in the range of hair styling brands, the Molding Paste from KMS California is designed to offer a natural looking light hold.It can be raked through dry hair to add desirable definition while working it through towel dried hair lends a majestic texture and shape.

kms 1

The pliable hold that it offers makes it extremely easy to change the hairstyle whenever needed, while the minimal hold makes sure to keep the desirable style intact.

TIGI Punk Out Molding Gunk

Immensely popular for its funky yet highly effective products,TIGI also have stock of light hold hair paste in its inventory. Packed in an attractive dazzling red colored container, the Punk Out Molding Gunk from TIGI is the best option for offering light hold and superior definition to medium long and long tresses.


The soft pliable formula has active ingredients like polyvinylpyrrolidone to keep the style intact.The light hold can be activated and regained by sweeping over a burst of cold air from hair dryer.

Kenra Matte Texture Putty

Enriched with wheat proteins,olive oil, glycerine,natural waxes and botanical extracts,this hair putty acts just as fine as a light hold hair paste and can definitely become a worth substitute.


Having a hold index below 10, this hair putty offers a very light and pliable hold,which facilitates the user to attain effortlessly created hairstyles.Ideal for short hair,this light hold paste is best for creating softer looks defined by a matte finish.

Fudge Hair Varnish Shine Wax

This hair wax from Fudge offers a brilliant shine to hair,while lending it the characteristics of as ofter look.This light hold wax flawlessly blends with hair to impart shine and definition to it, without making the tresses appear dried out and stiff.

fudge 1

Carnuba wax infused in its formulation helps banish frizz and fly-a-ways,while bestowing a mirror-like shine to hair. Ideal for short to medium hair, this hair wax is best suited for anyone who likes to play around with hairstyles.