Six Home Remedies For Toothache Pain Relief

Toothache Pain

Toothache PainAny form of pain is really disturbing and annoying. Similar is the case with a tooth pain. In fact, it can be more irritating than any other pain at times. Tooth pain makes it difficult for you to eat anything or drink something. It also causes problem when you want to communicate with others by talking.

It also makes you irritated. Tooth pain can be cured using a lot of home remedies. These are effective and sure shot home remedies which will help you get rid of an annoying and disturbing tooth pain. There are a number of home remedies which you can try to give you relief from a tooth pain.

Best 6 Home Remedies For Toothache Pain Relief


Cloves are said to an extremely effective home remedy for tooth pain. These cure tooth pains without any side effects. Cloves are said to be effective as they contain anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial antioxidant and anesthetic properties. These properties in clove help in relieving a person suffering from tooth pain to a great extent. Even if you have slight tooth pains just put a few drops of clove oil on cotton and apply it to the area where tooth pain exists.


There are other alternatives also to use clove for tooth pain. For example you can put a few drops of clove oil in a glass of water and rinse your mouth with it. Or else, you can even make a paste of whole cloves by grinding them and mixing some oil with it. Then you can apply the paste on the tooth that aches. Remember to use clove the next time you sense some pain in your tooth. It will surely provide you some relief.

Warm Salted Water

This is one of the oldest and the most common home remedy which is used to cure tooth pain. All you need to do is warm a glass of water and add half a spoon of salt to it. Then you shall rinse you mouth with the water.

Warm Salted Water

This helps in getting rid of the bacteria which causes infection and tooth pain. It is also helpful in reducing swelling caused by tooth pain and infection. You shall rinse your mouth with this water at least once in a day as it keeps your mouth away from infection.

Ice Cubes

Ice cubes are said to be a very good method to cure tooth aches. You need to take one or two cubes of ice and wrap them on a cloth.Then, you shall rub this on the cheek area where the tooth is paining. This can ease the tooth ache.


Garlic is said to have a lot of antibiotic properties and other medicinal properties which can be extremely effective in slowing down the bacterial affects.


You can use garlic in different ways like chew it or make a paste and then apply it on the effected tooth.

Raw Onions

Onions are very good for a person’s health. Very few people know that it is equally good for your mouth. It is said that consumption of raw onion kills the bacteria in your mouth. This will help in the reduction of infections in your mouth caused because of bacteria. It is also said that chewing of raw onion helps you to get a relief from tooth ache. So, next time you have a tooth ache definitely try this to get a relief from it.

Mustard Oil

Mustard oil is also said to be a very good home remedy to help you get a relief from a toothache. All you need to do is apply a little bit of mustard oil on the paining tooth. This will give you a relief from a tooth ache in no time.

The application of mustard oil can be made much more effective by adding just a pinch of turmeric powder to it. We all know that turmeric powder is very effective in curing a number of problems. So, by just adding turmeric powder to mustard oil you can get relief from your tooth ache much faster.

Mustard Oil

These are a few home remedies which can be used to give you relieve from your tooth ache. Always try home remedies first before taking medicines to relieve yourself of a tooth ache. Home remedies are always better as they are organic and do not cause any harm.

These will definitely give you positive results when applied on your aching tooth. These do not have any side effects and will definitely ease your tooth pain. So, the next time you have a tooth ache you try the home remedies first.