Six “Sexy Lips” Tips

Eyes and Lips are the vital points of attention and attraction of our face. Hence special care needs to be taken while applying make up in these areas. Let’s have a look at some useful tips for our lips:

A lip color stain on your teeth can make you look awful. You can avoid this by contracting your lips in an “O” shape while applying lip color. This may smudge the lipstick and stain the lips from within. In such a situation take a clean tissue, wrap it around your finger, put the tissue wrapped finger into your mouth and slowly twist it to wipe off all the extra color.

You can use a thin film of eye shadow that goes with the color of your lipstick to highlight the center of your lower and upper lips. If your upper lip is larger than the lower lip or vice versa, apply a lighter shade of lipstick on your smaller lip to balance the look.

Use your lower teeth and tongue while dining instead of your lips; this will prevent your lip color from staining the utensils. Using a washcloth, rub your lips gently before applying lip color in order to make your lips smooth.

While applying foundation on your face, apply some around and on your lips and then highlight the shape of your lips using a lip liner. Some people are naturally blessed with large and full lips; in such a situation avoid using a lip liner. Instead, you can use a Q-tip and soften the edges. Do not use shiny or glossy lipstick.

For people with thin lips, you can make them look fuller by using lighter shades. Use a neutral lip liner and highlight your lip, slightly beyond the original lip line. Now apply the lipstick and cover the newly defined line. Alternatively, you could also apply some white shadow on the lips over the lipstick and spread it gently throughout.

For people who have thinner upper lips or do not have a well shaped upper lip, define your upper lip using a lip liner that goes well with your lipstick. Then draw another line in the center of your lips using a brown lip liner and give it a proper shape.

Now apply lip color on your lips and cover the brown line. This will help you to make the lips appear fuller. Hold the lipstick vertically and apply it on your lips in order to hide the lip lines.