Six Updo For Hair

Six Updo For Hair

Hair updo involves arranging a person’s hair in such a way that it does not keep falling freely. An updo of hair is most commonly and largely associated with a ponytail. This is one of the simplest, oldest and the easiest hair updo. A hair updo can be simple or elaborate. Hair updo is can look elegant, smart and glamorous.

It is suited for all occasions. Hair updo can be done for a formal, semi formal or a casual occasion. One can keep it simple yet stylish. The best part of a hair updo is that a girl done not have to worry about her hair once it’s done as it does not bother one by falling over freely. There are a lot of options available for doing a hair updo.

Easy Updos for Hair


A ponytail is one when the hair of a girl is drawn back and tied at the back of her head. A ponytail can be a high or a short ponytail. A ponytail can also be done as a side ponytail, depending on the side which suits you the best. It is also the side which you are the most comfortable in.

Six Updo For Hair

Your hair can be made into a beehive from the front and then a pony can be tied at the back of your head. This is a very classic and a chic look. It looks very pretty and nice. A pony can be made with fringes done neatly in the front of a girl’s hair.


Plaits are also known as braids. It is done by twisting a girl’s hair. Plaits can be done is many ways in a girl’s hair. A girl can simply plait her hair to one. This is a simple hairstyle. A girl can opt for two plaits. It is usually one of the school girl’s look. A girl can also make many thin plaits in her hair. A girl can also just plait the front area of her hair and pull up the back hair of hers. Hence, if a girl wants an updo with plaits she has a number of options available.

Top Knot

A top knot is a messy hair bun. In this hair updo all the hair is pulled up to a messy bun. It is usually tied at the center top of a girl’s head. A top knot is a versatile hairstyle. It is extremely comfortable in the summer months as your hair does not keep falling over our shoulder or on your neck. It is an extremely stylish hairstyle which does not take a lot of time.


In this hairstyle a girl’s hair is drawn back into a coil at the back of the head. A bun can be made in various manners. A side bun can be done to get a different look. A side bun should be pulled up to whichever side it suits the girl. A bun can be done with bangs. If a girl has a haircut with bangs she can opt for a bun done with bangs. In this a bun can be done loosely or tightly.

Six Updo For Hair

One can either make a high on low bun. A bun can also be made giving a retro look to you. A girl can also do a bun with a neat fringe. You can get a number of hair updo with a bun. All a person needs to do is experiment.

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This is a hairstyle in which a person’s hair is styled to puff out in a rounded shape. In this hairstyle a person’s hair is pulled up to the top and hangs from the sides. It looks different yet very elegant. A bouffant hairstyle is a very nice hair updo idea as it is different and very few people will try it.

French Twist

In this hairstyle a person’s hair is gathered in a low ponytail and the hair is twisted till it turns itself against the head of the person. It is a very classy and a graceful hairstyle. A girl can let a few strands of hair come and fall over her face. It can be done neatly or a little roughly. They are very much in fashion and can be done either for a office look or any formal look.

Six Updo For Hair

All these hair updos can be embellished with hair accessories. These will give the hair updo either can elaborate or a trendy look. A hair updo shall be done keeping in mind the volume of a girl’s hair and which will suit her best. When a girl opts for a bun she should see if that particular style is going well with her facial cut. A girl should always keep experimenting with her hair and she will come up with new hair updo for herself very soon.