Skin Care And Makeup Tips

Skin Care And Makeup Tips

Skin Care And Makeup Tips The most common notion in the mind of maximum women is that makeup spoils the skin. However, this is completely untrue because skin care and makeup can go hand in hand, if certain tips are followed. Infact, makeup can enhance the beauty by pampering and nourishing the skin. It can even delay skin aging. Nevertheless, skin care and makeup are two very essential aspects of beauty and style.

5 Tips for Skin Care and Makeup

Apply Foundation after Cleansing

Cleansing is the primary beauty step to proper skin care and foundation is the primary makeup step. However, it is best for the skin when foundation is applied on freshly cleansed skin. Cleansing removes all the impurities from the skin. When foundation is applied on such a pure skin, the essential minerals and oils in the foundation gets easily absorbed.

This is because; the pores of the skin are opened in the cleansing process. Moreover, the application of foundation also closes the opened pores. So, the primary makeup step can essentially be used to pamper the skin, when followed strictly. This also helps the skin in fighting with the skin problems caused due to sun damage, since almost all modern foundations offer the benefits of sunscreen.

Focus on Eye Makeup

The skin of the eyes and areas surrounding the eyes is very sensitive. Therefore, you should be very cautious while applying makeup on the eyes. Do not apply deep dark red and pink colors, if your complexion is dark. These colors look un-natural on dark skin. Instead, prefer the use of golden and brown shades. They look real and natural on dark skin.

Skin Care And Makeup Tips

Always apply a slate color highlighter for the eye lid lining. The variation in the color of the liner adds spice to eye makeup. Always experiment with colors other than black to flaunt a new look. Apply the mascara and the eye shadow with light hands. Gentle strokes offer a seamless finish. However, always remove the eye makeup with a good quality makeup remover before sleeping. This is essential, since wearing makeup for long can cause damage to the skin.

Moisturize your Face and Body

Just like foundation and concealer are the pillars of makeup, similarly moisturizing is the base to skin care. If you want to add radiance, glow and blush to your skin, it is required of you to take proper care of your skin. Bathing snatches away the essential oils from the skin. This makes the skin dry.

Therefore, you must massage your face with a moisturizer and body with a body lotion every day (after bathing). This is also a very strong anti aging remedy, since such a toned skin stays younger for longer. Moisturizing repairs skin damage, reduces pigmentation, dullness, black spots and acne marks and protects the skin from direct exposure to the environment.

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Apply Concealer and Eat Healthy

A concealer is used to hide the skin imperfections like acne, pimple marks, black spots and dark circles. However, a healthy skin is the one that is free of all the imperfections. In order to get a flawless skin, you must eat healthy. A healthy and balanced diet is full of skin friendly fruits and vegetables that contain Vitamins, minerals and fibers. Such diet increases blood circulation, which increases the supply of oxygen. Skin deprived of oxygen is bound to have flaws.

Skin Care And Makeup Tips

Therefore, skin cells get nourished and lively with the increased supply of oxygen. Such a skin remains younger, radiant, fairer and glowing. Thus, you must concentrate on making the skin healthy internally. This is because; an internally healthy skin automatically glows externally.

Once you attain a flawless skin internally, the minor imperfections can be hidden using a concealer. Dark circles caused due to stress can be healed by using special under eye concealers. Since the skin absorbs the vitamins and minerals supplemented through the concealers, such concealers nourish the otherwise damaged under eye skin. This increases the oxygen level in the under eye cells. Therefore, concealer is not just helpful in hiding the blemishes; it also helps in slowly removing them. Nevertheless, concealer makeup is very essential, as it offers an even skin that is free of marks and pimples.

Adopt a Healthy Daily Routine

Other than eating healthy, you should follow a healthy lifestyle too. It includes drinking lots of water, exercising regularly, avoiding junk food and sleeping on time. All these habits collectively make the skin radiant. Infact, more than half of the skin problems are cured automatically, since healthy lifestyle strengthens the body internally.

An immuned body with a strong digestive and circulatory system remains glowing for longer. Nonetheless, a healthy routine can make your skin baby soft once again. Such skin is hard to be attained and harder to be maintained.

All of the above-listed 5 tips help you in getting a flawless skin. Moreover, the makeup tips mentioned enhance the beauty of your skin further.