Skin Care For Mature Skin With Slight Acne

skin care for mature skin with slight acne

skin care for mature skin with slight acneWe have a general belief that acne only strikes teenagers. But sometimes this problem may also appear in middle aged men and women. Even if someone has not faced much acne troubles in their teenage, they can still get it in their mid age.

Studies show that one fourth adult men and half of adult women suffer from acne at their mid-age. As we grow older, our skin also becomes more fragile and prone to infections; hence it is not uncommon to get acne at this age.

Although as acne in teenagers occur due to excessive oil production, the main reason behind adult acne is still not known. One of the main causes behind adult acne can be tension, stress and overwork. So here are some tips on how to take care of them, with a proper skin care regimen and some prevention tips.

Skin Care Tips To Prevent Acne

1. Face wash For Mature Skin

If you are suffering from adult acne, and only a few are striking at a time, then you can manage them easily with a face wash containing salicylic acid. Salicylic acid works wonders on the skin, and helps to remove acne very quickly. Even if you notice a small bump on your skin, which is about to become a full fledged acne, you can just wash your face with a salicylic acid containing face wash, and you will be surprised to see it vanished, after a day or two. And if you give more preference to natural things, then you can choose a face wash containing tea tree or neem extracts.

2. Toner For Mature Skin

After using a face wash, it is very important to use a toner, as toner closes the skin pores, which open up due to the use of face wash. As toner closes the open pores, it also helps to prevent various bacteria from getting into our skin pores. So this product is very beneficial for acne prone skin. But while using a toner, you should remember that your toner should not be alcohol based, otherwise it will cause more irritations.

3. Scrub For Mature skin

A scrub is a very essential thing, for our skin care. But this should not be used daily; instead you should use it either twice a month, or at the most, once every week. Scrub helps to suck away all the dirt oil and bacteria, which clogges the pores of the skin. Hence it really helps to keep acne at bay. But always remember not to use the scrub, while you are suffering from acne breakouts. Although some people are tempted to use scrub on acne, but you should never try it, because it can aggravate the acne flares.

4. Moisturizer For Mature Skin

You should choose this part very carefully. Some moisturizers can worsen your acne conditions, while some work wonders on them. While choosing a moisturizer, you should first consult with your skin specialist, and then work according to his suggestions. But if your acne problem is not very serious, then you can either go for a natural neem or tea tree moisturizer, or you can also choose a moisturizer, which contains salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, vitamin C or even retinol.

Preventive Tips To Cure Acne

1. Reduce Stress

Adult acne can be a result of too much work pressures and stress. As we grow old, our tensions and anxiety increases, and this stress may come out in the form of acne. So if you want to get rid of them, try to keep your tensions and stress in control.

2. Proper Diet

A proper diet, rich in vitamins, antioxidants and minerals can help us naturally fight against adult acne. Instead of choosing some fast food, or oily food for your lunch, you can buy some fruits. This will help you stay healthy and acne free.

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