Skin Care Home Remedies

If you want your skin to look beautiful, massage the body with oil, weekly. Try to get a masseur to massage your entire body. With this, you will have supple muscles, blood will circulate better and skin will get smooth.

After massage, wait for fifteen minutes before you take a shower. Let the oils be absorbed into the body. If you have a steam room, steam the body so that the pores are opened and oils are better absorbed.

Water is important and drink a minimum of ten glasses daily. To be free from toxic elements, skin requires water; moreover water can heal and clean the impurities. Take only cold showers because hot showers can open up skin pores, resulting in absorption of chlorine in your body. Cold water also boosts blood circulation and can make blood to rush towards skin, giving it minerals and oxygen.

Use a pumice stone to give a soap scrub to the legs, so that ingrowth of hair is also reduced. Hot weather would make you sweat more. Moreover there is pollution, dust and dead cells of skin which all block skin pores. Therefore, regular exfoliation of skin is required to ensure it is healthy.

Here is a recipe for a skin mask which can soften your skin immediately. For this mask, you will be requiring sugar, vegetable glycerin, vitamin-c crystal or gel made from Aloe Vera, and some essential oils. Mix all of these into a paste and apply on your body. Leave it on the body till the paste gets hard.

Use lukewarm water to wash it off. You will be able to notice the difference in texture immediately. This skin mask may make your skin red which will remain for some time. Hence do not try the mask just before you leave for a party or an event because your skin will not be dazzling immediately after applying the mask.

Massages should be done only by a professional masseur.  Similarly, water consumption should be of pure water.  Don’t drink chlorinated water from taps. Drink only cold water. Scrubbing exfoliates dirt and dead cells. Use skin Masks sparingly and when you have enough time.