Skin Care Tips For Oily Skin

Skin Care Tips For Oily Skin

Skin Care Tips For Oily Skin Beauty and skincare go hand in hand. If your skin is healthy, it will add wonders to your entire personality. But many times, our skin doesn’t get the proper treatment it deserves. Almost all of us fail to determine our skin type and use products which might have a harsh effect on our skin.

There are many skin types ranging from normal, dry, oily and combination. If you have oily skin, you have undoubtedly faced a lot of embarrassing moments. But all of this can change if you follow the proper beauty regime and lifestyle. Read on to find out how to take care of oily skin.

Tips for Oily Skin Care

Reasons Behind Oily Skin

Our skin type keeps changing because of the growing external factors which affect the skin greatly. Some people are blessed to have normal skin. The others who have oily and dry skin have to be extremely cautious about their diet and the products they use on their face. Oily skin can be rooted to many reasons.

A pre-dominant reason is genes. If someone in your family has oily skin, chances are that you have inherited the oily skin type from that person. Other minor factors include diet, lifestyle, and intake of extremely fatty and acidic foods. Sometimes pregnancy and birth control pills induce a change in skin type as well. This might come as a shock but cosmetics of poor quality also change the balance of water in your skin, thus resulting in change of skin type. Though oily skin is common in teenagers, many adults also face this problem.

Clean in Moderation

Many people with oily skin tend to wash their face too often. That’s a definite no-no. Make sure you wash your face twice or thrice a day. Too much of washing will strip the skin off its natural oils. In order to deal with the lack of moisture, your skin will produce extra oil to combat with the problem. It is a vicious circle and will land you nowhere. Clean in moderation and remember to follow up with a water based moisturizer meant for oily skin.

Benefits of Lemon

Lemon is a very good natural product when it comes to rescuing oily skin. The acidic nature of lemon juice helps in tackling the excess oil and it also helps in clearing the skin.

Skin Care Tips For Oily Skin

Try this remedy to deal with oily skin. Take equal parts of lemon juice and warm water and apply it to your face. Leave on for ten to fifteen minutes and wash off. Follow this regime everyday in order to tackle the excess oil your skin produces.

An Apple a Day Keeps the Shine Away

Apples are very good astringents. An astringent is something which absorbs oil and reduces the unwanted shine. Take one or two apple slices and rub your face with these slices for ten minutes. It helps you in controlling the shine immediately. You could also mix cider vinegar with a bit of water and apply it on your face for ten minutes. This concoction is also a great shine controller.

Face Masks

Use a face mask once a week. Go for masks which are clay based. Clay is a very good natural product which helps in controlling oil secretion. You could also make your own clay mask by obtaining clay powder from market and mixing it with pure honey to form a paste. Apply it evenly in a thick layer and let it dry. Wash off and finish with a light moisturizer.

Magic of Honey

Honey is known for its beauty benefits. Not only for dry skin, honey is an extremely good moisturizer for oily skin too. Take a bit of honey and massage your skin with it everyday.

Skin Care Tips For Oily Skin

You will not only notice reduced oil secretion but also a subtle glow in your complexion. Another good cleanser which can be made with honey is, by mixing it with lemon juice. Both these ingredients attack the pores and cleanse it naturally.

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The Benefits of Milk

If you do not want any harsh chemicals on your face, you can cleanse your face everyday with raw milk. It is an excellent cleanser and it balances the skin. You can also mix milk with lemon juice and apply it for fifteen minutes every day. This milk and lemon solution is an excellent cure for excess shine.

The Basics

There are, a lot of health and lifestyle related modifications you need to follow in order to tackle excess oil secretion. Smoking not only affects your lungs but it also affects your skin. Smoking actually tends to enlarge the skin pores which result in excessive oil secretion and also breakouts.

The same goes for excessive drinking. Reduce the intake of fatty and starchy foods. It is said that the amount of oil you intake is directly proportional to the amount of oil your skin secretes.

The Shopping List

When you have oily skin, make sure you get hold of a good cleanser, a good toner/astringent and a moisturizer suited for oily skin. Apart from these, get a good sunscreen which is suited to your skin type. Sunscreen helps in controlling the harsh sunrays which damage your skin beyond repair. Also, invest in a good face mattifier or a face powder with shine controlling elements. This is purely for party and night out purposes.

Skin Care Tips For Oily Skin

You wouldn’t want to worry about your oily skin while enjoying yourself. Hence dab a bit of powder on the problem areas and you are good to go. There is one thing which you can postpone buying, that is, an anti-ageing cream. It is a blessing in disguise for oily skinned people that oily skin ages slowly. Hence, your skin looks younger than your dry-skinned and normal-skinned counterparts. Alas there is something you can rejoice about!

With these handy skincare tips, you can very easily control your oily skin and make it look better and healthier. Always remember that a healthy body radiates a healthy skin; hence take care of your diet and exercise. Maintain a good lifestyle with the appropriate skincare, and you can easily tackle oily skin troubles with a smile.