Skin Care Tips to Protect Your Skin

The moment we step out of our house, we expose our skin to many hazards that outdoors may bring. Majority of the skin problems are a result of harmful environment and weather conditions. Hence, special skincare regimen must be practiced to prevent occurrence of skin problems.

Some things that you should know
Embracing a skincare regimen is not an easy feat. You need to know your skin type first before you buy any skincare products to eliminate worries about getting side effects. Check if you have normal, dry or oily skin. In this manner, choosing skincare products would be easy. However, if you have sensitive skin you must be very careful and consult your doctor.

Various environmental conditions and skin reactions
As said earlier, the greatest adversary of our skin is the environment and the weather. It could be the pollution such as fumes, dirt and dust, and nicotine exposure to smokers while we socialize. This promotes free radicals that can cause premature ageing. Additionally, climate or temperature resulting from the heat of the sun or sudden changes in weather can affect areas beyond the surface of skin such as sweat and sebaceous glands.

Some skin types react poorly to humidity and hot dry weather. When skin dries out, flaking and chapping may happen even to the lips and ugly dots may appear for those with oily skin. The same goes with cold climate and the bitter winds, where skin loses its natural moisture, resulting in coarse surface and dullness.

Travelling too has its fair share in dehydrating and exhausting your skin, as much as sweating through exercise or sports you play.

Various skincare treatments and remedies
The most basic treatment you can give to your skin is to keep it moisturized. Moisturizer comes in effective variants to suit every skin type. The use of day and night cream on your face will replenish skin nutrients and help in faster skin cell renewal.

There are many skin care products you can select apart from moisturizer such as, toner and gentle exfoliators, oil or moisturizing gel in your water bath, organic cosmetics with anti-pollution complexes for makeup users, self-tanning moisturizer and sunscreen with sufficient SPF for travelers and outdoor activists.

Always give time to perform these regimens until it becomes second nature. Eat nutritious food and stay in moderate temperature surroundings. Avoid dehydrating your skin by drinking requisite amount of fluids, which is 10 glasses per day.

Lastly, every now and then, pamper your skin by going to spa and salon. Paying attention to the needs of our skin is really worth the effort.