Skin Care Tips

natural-skin-care-products1There are three different types of skin types.  The care should be given according to the type of skin you have. 

Fragile, Sensitive or Dry Skin Type

This category is for light colored skin and they may have sun protection naturally.  People in this category may be prone to allergic reactions as well.

This type of skin should be taken care of by using cleansers and exfoliate.  Non-soap cleansers are best for use and the texture should be non-abrasive.  Fruit sugars, hydrating ingredients, aloe and cucumber are the safe things to use for this category.

Mild exfoliation removes dead skin cells and does not cause irritation. A wash cloth in a gentle circular motion across the skin can be used to achieve exfoliation manually.   An enzyme mask ingests dead cells and is good for use on sensitive skin.  For best results, exfoliate skin two times weekly.

Further protection can be enhanced by using chemical free sunscreen. It is best to use sunscreen containing ingredients such as calendula, lavender and vitamin E.

Balanced Skin Type

This category is a balanced skin type category which is not too oily and not too dry.

A wide range of cleansing bars and creaming cleansers may all work well on a balanced skin type.  Cleansers should be allowed to stay for couple of minutes to get rid of debris and then rinsed.

Exfoliation removes the surface layers and stimulates new cell growth.  This discourages fine lines and wrinkles and loss of elasticity.  Strengths not greater than 10 percent of alphahydroxy acids in a gel base will work well in routine maintenance.

Tinted moisture products and sunscreen are the best choice for this category of people.

Oily Skin Type

People with skin type that falls in this category have thicker skin which does not wrinkle quickly.  However, it becomes necessary to control excess oil and treat acne.  It is an acne prone skin type.

Cleansing, exfoliating and protecting are the basic steps of skin care. Gel based cleansers are effective for oily skin and tea tree oil can act as an antimicrobial against acne.

Cleansers containing sulfur or pine oil helps to reduce oil. Chemical free sunscreen and oil free moisturizers are best to use for oily skin as chemical ingredients in sunscreens irritate acne prone skin.