Skin Rejuvenation

1.   Deep horizontal lines: To pull up and tighten the skin of forehead, a brow lift is good. It’s done by a surgical cut near the hair line and then stretching the skin upwards and cutting off the excess. This lifts both the forehead skin as well as the eyebrows.
2.    Vertical lines: The muscles are cut and tightened, which cause the lines. This surgery leaves a fine scar between the eyebrows. An alternative is to inject collagen which plumps out the lines and makes them nearly invisible.


1.   Eye bags: Surgery known as blepharoplasty is performed. The surgeon cuts off the excess skin, and the fat, and then sutures the eyelids, thus making them tight and smooth. The scar hides in the folds of the eyelids.
2.    Crow’s feet: Collagen is injected to fill the lines, thus smoothening and leveling the area. If the lines are numerous, then the excess skin is cut off by the surgeon. The scar gets hidden in one of the lines around the eyes.
3.    Hollow under the eye: Fat is filled in the space, but the results are not very pleasing.

Cheeks and cheek bones:

1.    Hollow cheeks: Fat is injected to fill the hollow cheek.
2.    Plump cheeks: Liposuction is performed to suck out the excess fat from the cheeks to make them look normal.
3.    Flat cheek bone: A malar implant is inserted. It is made out of silicone and is custom made. It is usually inserted through the mouth.
4.    Laughing line: Collagen is injected to make the lines invisible. A face lift can also be done to lift the skin and smooth the lines.


1.    Thin lips: To plump up the outline of the lip, collagen is used. And fat is used to make the lips look normal.
2.    Thick lips: The silver membrane is cut off by making a cut inside the lip. The cuts are sutured by taking the visible parts of the lower lip up and in.
3.    Upper lip droop at the corner: Collagen is injected to lift up the area and make it firm.