Skin Spots That Are a Clear Sign of Sun Damage

skin spotsThere are many people who suffer from various skin ailments and are left with different spots on their bodies. This is a result of excessive sun exposure.

Although most of these spots are not dangerous and can be healed or removed through medication, there are some spots that should be shown to a doctor so that there is no risk of anything worse. Mentioned  below are just some of the most common spots found on a body that are caused by the sun’s harmful rays.

Types Of Skin Spots Due To Sun Damage

Dysplastic Naevi Spots

These spots are not harmful but if left alone and not taken care of can result in skin cancer. The risk of getting cancer through these spots is reasonably high and it should be shown to a doctor as soon as possible to avoid any other complications.

dyplastic naevi spots

These spots are common in almost every body and if the body is in constant contact with the sun’s rays, it can develop into skin cancer. This is something that should never be taken lightly and should be medicated immediately.

Solar Keratoses Spots

Solar Keratoses are spots on the body that appear like scales and are sensitive to touch. They are not cancerous but if exposed to the sun too often, can develop into cancerous spots. It is very common in people that are over the age of forty and should be immediately taken care of. It is very easily spotted on the hands and face and can be healed by medication and various creams. This kind of skin damage should be avoided in old age.

Freckles On The skin

This is one of the most common signs of skin damage and people all over the world are covered in these spots. They are not cancerous and do not develop into cancer as well.

freckles on skin

They are very common in people from foreign countries as well as fair skinned people. It is also something that comes down through the genes of the family as well and should not be treated as a disease as they do not cause any harm to the body.

Moles On The Skin

This is another very common sign of skin damage through over exposure of the sun’s rays. Moles are not harmful and do not develop into cancerous spots. It is easy to notice a mole as they are of a constant color and are evenly edged all over. They are small and usually have a round look to it. They can also be oval shaped and protrude out of the skin slightly and can be felt quite easily. There is no need to be aware of moles as they do not pose as a threat to the health of a body.

Seborrhoeic Keratoses Spots

Seborrhoeic Keratoses are spots that are not harmful to the skin or to the body. It is just a sign of skin that is damaged by the sun. They are very clear cut spots and that have perfect edges to them and they usually look like they are on top of the skin.

Seborrhoeic Keratoses Spots

It is very common in people who have reached the age of sixty. The color of these spots can range from light brown to black and sometimes even orange.

Skin spots are common on a lot of people and most of them are not harmful, but there are some that can be dangerous and should be taken to a doctor immediately for a better and clearer evaluation of the situation. These above mentioned spots that are found on the body are some of the most common and non harmful spots that can be found on a body. They result due to the sun’s rays or old age, but they are nothing to worry about.