Sleeveless Turtleneck Dresses

With time dresses have evolved. There was a time when women were forbidden from exposing any part of their body. In recent times, the scenario is completely different, thanks to the evolution of mankind. Fashion flows in the blood of every woman.

With new dresses and concept, the appeal of turtleneck dresses has come into existence. The turtleneck dress has a high collar zone right up to one’s throat. Sleeveless turtleneck dresses look amazing on young girls. Not only dresses but even turtleneck top shave invaded the market and have helped in popularizing this new concept.

The turtleneck dresses has a carefree, cool and simple impact on the people. This is one reason why this dress is attaining such a quick popularity. Some of the best dresses involving turtlenecks are as enlisted below:

Stylish Turtleneck Dresses

Skater Dress

A dress having turtleneck, it is made from an easy to care poly fabric. It has a keyhole closure to the reverse. With soft pleats to the skirt, this dress has a skater style.

skater dress

A kind of band can be seen near the waist that is stretchable. The major purpose of the band is to keep the skirt in its place. The dress ends quite above the knee. It looks best in green colour and is available in regular size.

Bodycon Dress

This dress has a digital tile print. It is made from an easy to care poly fabric and has an all over graphic print. It is high neck and sleeveless design.

bodycon dress

This dress has a length that extends up to the wearer’s knee. This dress has a quite tight fitting and very well flatters the wearer’s figure. It can be accessorized with a bracelet and high heels.

Charcoal Gathered Nova Jersey Dress

This dress has cap-sleeve which is in charcoal grey. The dress is stretchable in nature having a turtleneck collar. The sleeve is gathered at the side seams. The length of the dress is just up till the knee.

Charcoal Gathered Nova Jersey Dress

The dress needs to undergo only dry cleaning. High black boots can be worn with this dress. The hair may be tied in a bun and a black bracelet can be worn to complete the look. It gives a formal appeal.

Collage Dress

It is paneled and has a contour jersey. It has turtleneck, midi hem and sleeveless designs. With racerback, the zip on the back side of the dress is hidden. It has form fitting silhouette and is can be made up of viscose cotton or rayon. This dress looks best in black colour and to accessorize it, a black bracelet can be worn. This gives a professional look to the individual.


This dress has a blanket-stitched horizontal seams texture. It is a sleeveless turtleneck dress having a beautiful bell shaped skirt it is lined and has a back zipped closure.


The material of the dress is mainly nylon or viscose rayon or elastane and should be only dry-cleaned. Black in colour, this dress cover the wearer’s knees and tight slacks can be worn underneath this dress coupled with high heels that are black in colour.