Smart Ways to Cut Down on Alcohol Consumption


Alcohol has become a trendy part of the ever so stylish lifestyle of today. But it is no excuse to turn ourselves into alcoholics.

If you honestly want to cut down your alcohol content without disturbing your social life then here are a few tips to drink less.

Do not mix with another Alcohol

Avoid mixing two types of alcoholic drinks together. This is one major mistake done at parties. This way you will lose the count of the amount of alcohol that you are consuming. For example, try taking vodka with coconut water. You may even ask the bartender to mix an energy drink with it. This will reduce the intoxication.

Choose to Drive Home the rest of Them

It is a great trick that will always work and no one would really force you to drink heavily.

Tell your buddies that they can party hard and you can drive them back.Chances are that they may like your idea so much that they won’t ask you out for drinks again!

2 Day a week Alcohol Fast

Keep 2 days in a week alcohol free and we all know those two days cannot be weekends. It could be Monday and a day in the middle of week. This will help your system to get clear of the alcoholic content.

Drink only when you Eat

Drinking empty stomach is extremely bad for the entire system. Plus, alcohol hits you hard empty stomach. Food helps in reducing the intoxication. Also, by keeping the count of the glass up to 2 you can avail health benefits of alcohol.

Choose the Correct Alcohol

If it is already chilly outside drinking white wine is going to do no benefit. Also, if your belly is gaining layers, beer is not a good choice. You must know how to choose the right kind of alcohol as per you current body and weather conditions.

Beer is extremely beneficial in blazing months of summer but the count must not be crossed beyond 4 per week.

Stay Away from Bottoms-up

Once you enter the game you will lose the count of shots passing down your throat. Instead, volunteer to count for others.

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