Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

Sultry and sexy, smokey eye makeup has become a favorite with one and all. Whether it is the red carpet celebrities or the girl next door trying to transform into a diva, everyone wants to try out this dramatic look that has become the hot fashion trend of the season.

Unlike standard notion this look is not that hard to achieve. All you have to do is keep certain basic steps in mind to create a stunning eye makeup.

Before you can start off with the actual makeup, you need to get hold of the makeup essentials for creating this look. This includes an eye shadow brush, a light shade of concealer, an eyeliner and mascara.

Along with this you need an eye shadow palette containing a dark and a light shade of eye shadows. While the popular colors for creating smokey eyes is black and grays, there are a range of other eye shadow colors that you can use as well. Popular eye shadow colors include purple, blue, shades of brown and green.

You can select the best eye shadow colors based on the color of your eyes. For example brown eyes are enhanced with shades such as brown, gold and copper shades.

To create the smokey effect, you need to first prep up your eyelids. Use a makeup primer or a concealer to hide the dark under eye shadows. This helps to create a smooth base for your makeup while also eye shadow from creasing. The next step is to use eyeliner to trace the contours of your eyelids. Do this deftly and with perfection especially if you are using liquid eyeliner.

Follow this up by using an eye shadow brush to apply a dark shade of eye shadow on the eyelids. Use a “smudger” or your fingers to blend this eye shadow outwards. Now apply the contrast shade on the inner part of the eyelids using an eye shadow brush.

If you are using black and gray colors to create the smokey effect then start of with the black base and then apply gray on the inner crease of your eyes and sweep it outwards for a perfect blend.

Finish off with application of black or brown volumizing mascara to complete the look. Team up this dramatic eye makeup with a nude gloss on lips and very little makeup on your cheeks for a perfect look on your hot date.