Smooth Down Hairstyles For Girls

Tired with the monotonous up-dos or the messy hairstyles? Not getting the right way to style your hair for that perfect professional look or for other occasions? It’s surely time to change your look by trying on something new and polished.

Try out some of these smooth down hairstyles that will give you just the perfect classy and sleek look and at the same time will protect your hair from all the harms done by bands and clips.

Stylish Down Hairstyles For Girls

Jessica Simpson Style

This one is all about smoothly downing your hair with a bit of wave added to it. For this style you need to blow dry your hair with a round brush parting the center. Then use a ceramic hair straightener and from the mid length of your hair till the end curl 3-inch sections of your hair. Now hold the straightening iron at 45 degrees away from your face twisting your hair to give a wavy look. Finally spray all over the hair and to make your hair shine, apply serum.

Retro Wavy Style

This curly look style is an all time in hairstyle for any occasion. Face with larger forehead can boldly try out this style. Try out this style by rolling sidewise the bangs by using hot rollers and for the rest of the hair, use smaller hot rollers.

retro wavy styles

After your hair is cooled, just remove the rollers and run your finger between your hair and place the curl wherever you want them to. Yes, it is that easy girls!!!

Perfect Sophisticated Smooth Down Style

A must try for the office or any corporate gathering. All you need is a flat iron. Section your hair and apply the heated iron over a thin section of your hair to straighten it.

Smooth Down Style

Do not forget to slant the end of the section inward so as to avoid a straight style. Slowly section out your hair and carry out this process until the entire hair falls straight and sleek with a slight inward beveled.

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Bohemian Style

Thin or thick, any kind of texture but with a bit of waviness suits this style. Looks best on the chics with oval faces. Quite easy one and this is how you get it right.

Bohemian Style

Pull your hair from the back and part it side deeply in order to get that perfect bang. If the hair is quite curly then make it straight with flat iron if needed. Now take curling irons of about one and half inches and curl the end strands of your hair to give the prominent layered look.

Sleek Ambitious Style

Square or round face goes perfect with this Sleek Ambitious Style. This style gives a very ambitious, confident and classic look and hence is just the one for your big day in office. Blow dry your hair and iron it straight using an iron. Then smooth it once it gets dried. Do not forget to bevel the ends inwards and you are all set to look gorgeous, marvelous, magnificent and beautiful. So now that you have few options in your mind, try them out and get recognized amongst the crowd.