Some Common Symptoms Of Pregnancy

Some Common Symptoms Of Pregnancy

Some Common Symptoms Of Pregnancy Along with being one of the best stages in the life of a woman, pregnancy is also the most critical period that calls for innumerable drastic changes. On the one hand there is an excitement and happiness of experiencing motherhood and on the other hand the fear of rapid changes in the body and the proper growth and development of the baby.

However, the first and the foremost thing, after you have started planning the baby is to confirm whether you have conceived or not. You would be contented to know that there are some general and common symptoms of pregnancy which can be seen in every woman especially in the first trimester.

Researches show that there are some early signs in pregnancy that are prevalent among all women equally. To broaden your horizons about the topic, here is a pregnancy health guide. This will list down the topmost symptoms and signs of pregnancy that you can connect yourself with. Also, it will confirm the question of whether you are pregnant or not.

Early Signs of Pregnancy You Should Look For

Implantation Spotting

One of the most common symptoms associated with pregnancy is spotting during the first couple of weeks after you conceive. Usually, it stretches for 10 days and happens because the embryo is implanting on the walls of the uterus.

The Change is Breasts

Some Common Symptoms Of Pregnancy


The breasts of a woman become tenderer and there is a little swelling during the first few weeks of early pregnancy. Though it is one of the most common signs, make sure you wear a good fitting bra to get over the discomfort and pain caused by the soreness.

Continuous Urination

The body is secreting good amounts of hormones at the moment when you are conceiving. This is what directly relates to the feelings of frequent urination. However, this does not mean that you should stop drinking water or other healthy liquids. It is very important to keep the body hydrated during this phase and the months to come.

The Concept of Morning Sickness

There is hardly any woman who does not experience morning sickness during pregnancy, especially in the first three months. The situation only aggravates in the second and the third month as compared to the first.

Some Common Symptoms Of Pregnancy

The entire concept is marked by severe feelings of vomiting and nausea and heightened sensitivity to smell. The level will differ for different individuals. Some do not experience this symptom at all.

Breakouts on the Skin

Acne and pimples are some common skin problems that you will experience during the early months of pregnancy. It is advised that you stay away from medications for this purpose. Home remedies can be adhered to if you are really conscious about your looks.

Food Cravings

The body is really working out to keep the baby healthy and growing. Also, there is continuous secretion of hormones that wears out the body completely. This calls for frequent cravings for food apart from the main meals. To stay away from those extra calories that are no good for the baby as well, make sure you have healthy alternatives of finger foods whenever you feel the hunger pangs. Along with this you may suddenly feel the need to eat certain food items. This is again a very usual symptom that pregnancy brings along.

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Missing the Periods

Missed periods are actually the first and the foremost signal that you might be pregnant. Use the pregnancy kits available in all the medicine shops to confirm why you are missing out your menstruation cycle.

Feelings of Fatigue

Some Common Symptoms Of Pregnancy

Again fatigue can be experienced from time to time in the first few months of pregnancy since the body is working out so much. The frequent hormonal secretion and the growth of the baby totally exhaust the body and leave you with no energy.

Smell Sensitivity

The woman in her first few months of pregnancy has a heightened sense of smell and odor as one of the early signs of pregnancy. This a lot of times triggers the issues of nausea and vomiting.

Bloating in the Abdomen

The estrogen and progesterone secretion increases and this cause the abdomen and stomach regions to bloat. This can also enlarge the belly a little in many cases.


Cramping in the legs and stomach are some of the issues that you might face. These are menstruation cramps and calls for proper bed rest in case you are experiencing it. Along with all the above, headaches, back pain, constipations and mood swings are some other symptoms that marks the entire phase of pregnancy.

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