Some Common Tips for Foot Care

Foot care is important otherwise it will lead to ailments. There are many associated problems with bad feet. Therefore it is important to take care of one’s feet otherwise it may lead to problems.

Here are some common tips in order to avoid foot problems:

Selection of right footwear is essential. One should use footwear which is made of natural materials; it helps the foot to breathe. There are many type of materials of which footwear is made. Do not go on style factor only; also have an eye for your footwear’s material.

The footwear should be comfortable to wear. There should not be strain on feet when you wear it. Wear the footwear of a size which suits your feet.

Stockings are another important component in foot care which one needs to take care of. Some people tend to wear the same stockings time and again. To avoid the bad smell, the stocking should be changed on a daily basis. The material of the stockings should be made of cotton or wool. Use of synthetic material may lead to skin problems.

Foot exercises are another way to save you from problems. One should do exercises according to the suggestions given by the doctor. There are adequate content available about foot care on internet and in books as well but it is suggestible that you first take the suggestions from a doctor. There are various yogic exercises of feet which one can do.

Do not wear the same shoes on a daily basis. A person should have at least three to four pair of shoes and should change them regularly. The heels of the shoes should be different as well. Wearing the hill of the same size can also create problems. Ideally there should be a difference of 2 centimeters in the heel height of both legs.

Examination of feet for diabetic people is very important. A small injury can create problems for a diabetic person and can lead to infection.

Massaging your feet also helps in better blood circulation in the feet. So massage you feet occasionally with oil.

The feet of a person mirror his or her general health. Many diseases like diabetes show their symptoms in the feet. Therefore it is important that one takes proper care of one’s feet. Some very common things like foot exercises, selection of right shoes, feet cleanliness can help in keeping the feet healthy.

Above mentioned are some common tips. It will help you to keep your foot healthy.

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