6 Self Defense Tips For Women

Self Defense

Self defense is one of those topics that cannot be ignored where safety is concerned. It becomes extremely essential especially for women and more importantly for working women to know some self defense tips and tricks for their safety. Also, those women who love clubbing and night outs should have a good knowledge about this topic.

Self Defense

Self defense training is advantageous in the most unpredictable situations and can be useful when there is no one around to safeguard you. Be it the dark streets late in the night or the time when you are home alone, you should have a basic idea on how to defend yourself. Here is a simple guide that will help you gain a good idea about the same without much complications or hassles.

Self Defense Tactics And Tricks For Women

Mace/Pepper Spray Advantage

One of the easiest ways for self defense is a handy mace/pepper spray in your bag. Make sure you keep the bottle in a place where you can easily reach at times of need. Not much of a physical effort is required where this trick is concerned. All you need to do is to act as soon as possible and remember that you have a self defense equipment right there in your purse!

Pepper Spray

Keep The Distance!

Try and keep a good amount of distance between you and the attacker. The more grips they have on you the harder it will be for you to let go. Try and create the distance so that it will be easy for you to attack back. Once you create the space, try and push them back by putting your hands firmly on their shoulders.

Keep The Distance

Kicking As One Of The Best Tricks!

Kicking in the most sensitive areas of the attacker like the groin or the knees is the best thing you can do to bring them down. Make an effort to lift your knee and kick them if you are lying on the ground. Where kicks are concerned, high heel sandals are considered to be the best weapon for women. Kick twice or thrice if you feel the attacker is ready to attack again.


Heightened Common Sense As A Weapon!

This is one of those weapons that might help you outsmart the attacker without any physical fights. Fear can make you weak and even delay your thinking capacity. Therefore it is highly important to exercise your common sense capabilities as one of the self defense tricks. Try and act fast and know your facts right!

Heightened Common Sense

The Power Of Communication

Another self defense trick that you can apply in critical situations is communication with the attacker. Try and manipulate the situation verbally rather than opting for physical fights. Distraction is one word that comes under this trick. Keep your cool, don’t cry and don’t let them feel that they have control over you.

Power Of Communication

Don’t Talk About Your Strengths

Make sure the attacker doesn’t know that you are well skilled in self defense tricks. This will make them more aware of you and they will be more careful while attacking you. The self defense attack should come as a surprise to the attacker so that he/she doesn’t have time to think and act.

These are some of the effective self defense tips that every woman should be aware of. However, practicing them is very important to be polished in the field.