Spiky Short Haircuts For Women

Who thought women could not carry out spikes in their hairstyles. Gone are those days where there were limited hairstyles which one could try or the fact that women only had long hair with feminine hairstyles.

Nowadays women have come out and are experimenting with their hair more than ever and there is nothing that is not being tried, even spikes. Spikes are being seen as very trendy and funky by many women across the world.

Spiky Haircuts Which Women Prefer

Below discussed are some of the haircuts which include spikes, which are being preferred by many across nations and which can give you an idea to try these funky styles.

Asymmetrical Spiky Cut

This style can look extremely funky and trendy which goes with many occasions, also as seen all across this appears to be one of the favorites of several celebrities as well as you can see them adorning this style at shows and events.
Asymmetrical Spiky Cut
In this one your hair partitioned any side and cut asymmetrically with spikes of various sizes. The spikes and the directions can be altered accordingly as per the need as well. Try this out and you won’t be disappointed.

Curly Hair Spiky Haircut

Those with the curly hair have not stayed behind in this, though it might be a little difficult for them to maintain it than those with straight hair. People with curly hair can also enjoy the spiky cut and stay in the trend. It will take some time to devise the proper haircut with spikes, but short hair spikes in the middle can be done with curly hair as well, making them look unique and different from the crowd.

Short Spiky Faux Hawk Hairstyle

This is a new kind of hairstyle which the women are trying and the faux hawk haircut for the women works in a little different way to that of how it works for the men.

Short Spiky Faux Hawk Hairstyle

Some of the celebrities are also seen adorning this hairstyle increasing its popularity. In this the middle section of the hair will be spikes and the sides will be trimmed clean, some people might be little skeptical, but it is worth a try.

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Full Spikes

Full Spikes

When you have short hair of the same length this might be something you can try. This haircut can also be extremely funky and trendy given the fact that you know how to carry tit off and with the right outfit and the attitude. You can also color your hair streaks to compliment your spikes making them look even more prominent and interesting.


The above mentioned are only some of the styles which are popular worldwide, which you can try as well, but one needs to make sure they suit you and that you need to have that personality to carry something as funky as spikes. Women these days want to try out new and different things in every aspect of life and it is definitely a good thing.
Make those spikes and show the men they look better on you!