Spray Tanning – Tips to Achieving Your Perfect Tan

spray-tanningSummer is finally here and it is time to get out in the sun. Many hit the beach to get a tan, but that is too much of a hustle. You might end up damaging your skin by exposing it to the sun.

And the tan beds may not be as helpful as they claim to be. So what do you do now? How can you get that touch of bronze to your skin? You can always go for a tan spray. You can do this at home or get help from professionals. This is considered as the safest way to get a tan.

Before you use the spray you need to know a few things about tan sprays. You have to exfoliate your skin before applying the tan. If you apply it on the dry skin then the tan will be on the layer of dead skin the color will not be even. And once you are done exfoliating, make sure you use a good moisturizer on the dry areas. This will prevent color building up on dry areas such as knees and elbows.

If you wish to do the tanning at home then you have several choices when it comes to the price. But when you are doing this at home, fell free to ask someone to help you out to get the even tan. Applying the spray on your back can be difficult. It is better if someone does it for you. At the same time make sure you read the instructions well. If you do not follow them properly then all your effort might go in vain.

If you are planning to get the tan done from outside then you have two options — to go to a tanning booth or going for an air brush. If you opt for a tanning booth then make sure your eyes are well covered, because you do not want that spray in your eyes. This is easy and less time consuming.

Air brush is bit expensive. In this case a professional applies the tan on the body. This helps to get the perfect tan and there is hardly any chance of color mismatch.

So get rid of all your worries about tan and this summer, be the eye candy by having the best tan.