Spring Celebrity Hairstyles

Jennifer Aniston HairstylesHollywood celebrities are major trend setters in the world. And when it comes to hairstyles and fashion nobody can beat the styles acquired by these celebrities which are idolized by their millions of fans.

Such styles are readily absorbed by enthusiasts, and wearing them is the way to show your admiration towards your favorite star.

Few of the latest Spring Celebrity hairstyles are:

Jennifer Aniston’s Effortlessly Sexy Look

She is undoubtedly the pioneer in supporting of simplest yet sexy hairstyles in Hollywood. She made long straight, soft, tresses most fashionable. This effortlessly sexy look can be achieved by blowing out at least a day or two old and then refreshing it with styling sheets and again blow dry it. Use barrel brush by taking two inch sections and coiling the hair around and down leading to disheveled and sexy look.

Jenifer Lopez’s Retro Look

To attain this 80’s inspired look, one has to do center parting of hair as this will give a tons of volume. One can also create extra “bounce” by taking two-inch of damp hair section at 80 degree angle and blasting heat in place of blow-drying straight. After this take two inch sections and wrap them around curling iron with fingers holding the ends.

Taylor Swift’s young and chic look

For this look first create a side part of your hair and tame your natural curls with the help of shine serum (for frizz control). After that take hair the the nape of your neck and curl it around onto itself creating a bun securing with the help of bobby pins and hair spray. In case of straight hairs, this can be achieved by using middle size of curling iron.

Kate Hudson’s elegant look

This elegant style can be achieved with the help of adding dry shampoo to locks to create a matte texture and use blow drying technique before styling. Styling can be done with the help of medium to large sized curling iron, sections from the ears back and twist up, leaving some hair down at the neck.

Best way to get a celebrity hairstyle is to consult your stylist with a picture of your favorite celebrity and the stylist will advise you better with respect to your face and hair texture.