Stages Of A Relationship

Stages Of A Relationship

Stages Of A RelationshipWhen you are in love it makes everything seem better and it makes the world just seem that much more beautiful and a wonderful place to live.  Relationships go through a series of phases before they are at the point that they will be able to sustain a marriage.  A lot of couples think that the first few months are what the relationship will be like forever and this is far from the truth.

Once you have been together for a little while you will realize what the relationship is really like because you have spent a lot of time together.   At this point in the marriage you have to be able to work together to solve your problems.  If you can do this you will be together forever and if you can’t then you will ultimately break up.

The different stages in Romance

Every romantic relationship is going to go through stages before you end up getting married.  As you continue on you will find the usual stages of a healthy romance.

The Beginning (when romance sets in)

In the beginning of any relationship there is the part where the two individuals decide to come together as one.  Here, you tend to see the world differently than others and think that everything is perfect with your partner.  Everything about your mate seems wonderful, even those habits that would otherwise irritate you.

Your partner seems to be the perfect person; incapable of doing wrong, and you just cannot spend enough time alone with him/her. In fact, there isn’t anyone who is as important as your mate at that moment.  Once the initial effect of the romance stage is gone you begin to hit the next stage, and that is reality.

When everything becomes obvious

Once some time has passed, the rose colored glasses start to wear out, and your partner turns out not to be so perfect after all. Both partners start acting like their normal selves, and they are no longer trying to be perfect all the time.  You will start trying to rebuild relationships with friends that you have been neglecting, and try to correct the bad habits of your partner. This is amongst the most crucial stages of a relationship, leading to either a stronger and more adult relationship or a break up.

On to the stage of maturity

If your relationship passes the eye opener stage, then the road ahead will smooth out. Once both parties in the relationship realize that their mate is a normal individual, flawed like the rest of society, then the ‘I will change you’ concept turns into one of ‘I accept you how you are.’ At this point the couple will realize that the best way to work things through is to realize that adjustments and practical thinking are the keys to a successful relationship. However, this will not be so easy, as the slightest slip up could send the relationship back to stage two.

Commitment Stage (Totally Practical)

Once a couple has been in the maturity stage for a considerable amount of time without slipping up, and they realize that partners compliment each other rather than complete each other, then they are ready for the commitment stage. In this stage, both sides are accepting of each other and without any extra effort to bring about any change.

Minor tiffs are to be expected to ignite the spark and keep things hot in the relationship, but when words like “you don’t care about me” are no longer a part of the relationship that is when you love your partner for who they are rather than whom you want them to be.

Marriage Stage (Romance once again)

Once a couple have gone through all the stages of dating, taken off the rose colored glasses and have learned to accept each other for who they are, then they are ready for the big step, marriage. Marriage brings about the phase of honeymoon, during which all the effects from the beginning stages come back again.

This time however, there will be added responsibilities and they will be living together twenty-four seven causing slight problems that the now mature couple should not have trouble handling. This is the time that the newly married couple should be enjoying the fruits of their labor.