Stages Of Breast Development In Girls

Breast Development In Girls

As a girl grows to be a woman there are various changes which a girl’s body undergoes where the breast development is one of them. It normally begins amidst the age of eight and thirteen and development of breasts and the growth of pubic hair are one of initial signs of puberty.

When the estrogen levels are high, the deposits of fat in the tissues tend to consolidate leading to the enlargement of breasts. The development of breasts is basically a magnification and the areola towards the nipples get dark thereby taking place a year before a girl undergoes periods. Once a girl undergoes periods the breasts mature with secretory glands.

When the breast develops there is a slight discomfort felt by the girl due to the influxion of hormones which normally withers away with time. The expansion of skin may cause itchiness and stretch marks initially and both may not develop at a symmetrical rate. There are various stages of breast development and mainly it is divided into five stages. They are:

Stages Of Breast Development In Girls

The Stage of Budding of Breasts

In the childhood stage the girl has flat breasts and during the first stages the breasts including the nipples starts to rise gently as the formation of milk ducts and the tissues of fat starts taking place.

The shaded portion of the breasts also gets enlarged with enlargement of various other glands. The budding stage might be insignificant as the change is very minimal since in this stage only the nipples tend to get puffy.

The Stage of Budding of Breasts

The Continuation Phase

In the continuation phase, the breasts tend to get enlarged basically in a conical shape and later in future the breasts tend to attain a circular shape. The puffening and the darkening of the areola, stiffening and erection of the nipples which mainly remains normally flat. During these stages the fats tend to get deposited towards the breasts and the growth of milk ducts take place.

Circular Shape of Breast

The Development Phase

After the menstruation of a girl, the production of progesterone tend to become high and that causes a development of milk glands but the size might still be minimal.

The areolas pop out much more and the breasts tend to take a shape of an adult. Girls reach this level when they attain ten to fourteen years of age but it varies with girls. It lasts mainly for few months or two to three years.

Menstruation of a girl


The Stage of Mounding

The areola and the tits tend to magnify and separate mounds take place. The breasts take the shape of an adult and the nipple tend to protrude than before. This takes place in an age of sixteen years maximum and a good brassiere is recommended to give a good support.

Areola and The Tits Tend


The Final Stage

There is no separate formation of mounds on the breasts since it is the adult stage. The breasts get fully developed in a circular shape with proper circumference of areolas and stiffening of nipples.

Some girls have smaller breasts than what they are supposed to be having and some have enlarged ones. The development of breasts depend a lot in the changes of hormones.

Separate Formation of Mounds on the Breasts

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