6 Steps To Do A Pedicure At Home

Steps To Do A Pedicure At HomeLook at your feet right now. Do you see black spots, uneven skin tone, dry finger nails and cuticles, cracked heels? Well, honey you are in dire need of a complete foot care regime. I am sure you know this already but are too busy to take out time from your busy schedule to take care of your feet.

Or you would rather spend money on a new dress or a lipstick than going to salon for a pedicure. Here is the shocking truth – if you take your feet for granted, serious foot problems like ingrown nails, corns, calluses, fungal and bacterial infections can grip your life. It’s never too late, so buck up and embrace this very easy yet effective guide for pedicure at home.

What Is Pedicure?

Pedicure, literally translated means taking care of your feet. The modern salons offer a plethora of pedicures, ranging from aromatherapy to fish pedicure to the suave french pedicure. The basic pedicure, however, is the best to clean your feet thoroughly. A pedicure involves a few basic tools and cosmetics. Make sure you get hold of these basic things in order to achieve a perfect pedicure. Let’s see what all do you need for a perfect at-home pedicure.

Plethora of pedicuresThings Needed For Pedicure

A big tub or bucket
Warm water
Foot soak or a mild shampoo (Foot soaks are available readily in markets and help in softening the dead skin)
Nail polish remover (Acetone free)
Cotton balls
Nail cutter
Nail clippers (for toe nails)
Cuticle removing cream
Orange stick or cuticle removing stick
Pumice stone
Foot brush
Body scrub
Any good de-tan mask (Optional)
Foot cream (Even Nivea does the magic)
Milk (optional)
Flower petals (optional)
Nail polish of your choice

Things to order to achive a perfect pedicuresProcedure For Pedicure

First and foremost, remove any traces of old nail polish from your toenails with the help of a good quality remover. Opt for an acetone free one as acetone weakens your nails. Now cut your nails according to your desired shape and size. With the help of nail clippers, trim the corners of your toenails. This step helps a lot in tackling ingrown toe nails. File the nails in order to get rid of ridges and uneven nails.

Remove any traces of old nail polishFill the tub with warm water and add the foot soak or shampoo in the water. Now soak your feet in this soapy warm water for at least fifteen minutes. You will notice that the water will now become cloudy. The warm soapy water helps in removing dirt from your feet and also softening your cuticles and skin.

Foot soak or shampoo in the waterChange the water and in the fresh water add a few drops of shampoo again. It is best you take two separate tubs filled with warm water and shampoo, once you are done with the first tub you can dip your feet in the other one. In the clean water, add a bit of milk and a few petals for added moisture and beauty. Soak your feet in this mixture for about five minutes.

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Now scrub the heels of your feet with the help of the pumice stone. Use mild circular movements. Don’t use the pumice stone on the skin as it might lead to rashes and irritation. Take a bit of the shampoo or foot soak in the foot brush and clean your feet with it. Don’t forget to clean the areas between your toes. The area between the toes is a fertile place for bacteria and fungus.

Scrub the heels of your feet with pumice stoneNow scrub your feet with the body scrub. This helps immensely in removing dead skin cells and also in removing dark spots. Take a coarse scrub or make one of your own by mixing salt/sugar with olive oil. Once scrubbed clean your feet in fresh water. Now apply the cuticle cream on your nails and then remove the cuticles with the help of a cuticle remover or an orange stick. This step helps in cleaning the nails properly. Do not forget to clean the area underneath the nails and the corners of nails.

Scrub your feet with the body scrubThis step is optional but highly recommended. Apply a good quality anti-tan mask on the feet. You can make your own by mixing gram flour, turmeric and milk. Wait till it dries and then wash off completely. Remove any traces of mask. Apply a good quality foot cream to clean dry feet. Finish off your pedicure by applying a nail color of your choice and you are done.

Apply a good quality anti-tan mask on the feetTips

Make sure you keep your toenails short. Long nails attract dirt and infections. Also a lot of problems like ingrown toenails and infections arise due to unkempt long nails. Use quality products while doing your pedicure. Since almost all the tools are made of steel, make sure you wipe them clean after use in order to prevent them from rusting or attracting infection.

Make sure you keep your toenails shortNever cut your nails too deep in the corners. It results in painful ingrown toe nails and cracked nail beds. Do not walk barefoot at home. It does a lot of damage to your heels and are often one of the biggest reasons behind cracked heels. If you face the problem of cracked heels, make sure you do a pedicure every week and apply a good foot cream every night after washing your feet clean.

Apply a good foot cream every nightA very simple and effective way of achieving soft and supple feet is by cleaning the feet every night, applying nivea or a foot cream and wearing socks before sleeping. Do this for ten days and your feet will feet supremely smooth and soft. Another important thing to keep in mind is covering the feet while going out. If you face the problem of cracked heels or uneven skin tone, wear socks and covered shoes. The sun does a lot of harm to our feet as well. Apart from the sun, wearing socks and covered shoes help a lot in protecting the feet from dirt and dust.

Applying nivea or a foot creamMake pedicure a fun thing by inventing your own foot soaks. Substitute milk with other exotic natural ingredients like rose water, essential oils, beauty oils, et al. To create the relaxing aura, dim the lights, put on a soft music and light aromatic candles and incense sticks. Not only your feet but your mind will also thank you for this rejuvenating experience.

Make pedicure a fun thing by inventing your own foot soaks.Promise yourself that you will take care of your feet from now on. With this easy to do home pedicure, you will master the walk of fame and beauty in absolutely no time.