4 Steps To Do Hair-Spa At Home


Tired of those dull, lifeless hair that give you more of a strong reason not to step out? Bored of taking those long sessions at the salon doing nothing? Don’t be worried more, as with your own free time and grit you can do a hair spa at the cozy comfort of your home.

Things You’ll Need

Preferably L’oreal Hair mask and ampoules, otherwise any trusted brand’s
A wide toothed comb
Your regular facial steamer
A wide towel
A pair of surgical gloves

Steps to do Hair-Spa at Home

After shampoo, do not blow dry your hair. Moist hair is needed for the spa to function properly. Mix together 2 big scoops of the hair mask and 1 bottle of ampoule in a bowl.

After shampoo, do not blow dry your hair

Now place yourself in front of a full-view mirror. Making sections out of complete hair length fasten them with clips. Take each section and start applying the mask mixture with your fingers gently massaging it in your hair.

Start from roots and moving downwards, keep applying the mask with gentle strokes as well as combing your hair with your fingers. Now move onto to another section and repeat the same procedure. Care should be taken not to massage the scalp. As the scalp already has moisturizing glands. We need to add moisture to the hair basically.

Applying the mask

When all sections have been covered with the glistening mix, comb the hair with comb with a swift hand. Meanwhile prepare the steamer to blow out steam. Again making sections of hair, this time without clips, expose your hair to the steam. One by one let all the hair bask in the steam.

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Gently massage your moist scalp so that it gets enriched too. Repeat the steam procedure one more time for effective results. Now grab the towel for gathering the steam inside it and wrap it around your hair for at least 10minutes. Repeat this action one more time so that you get twenty wholesome minutes of the invigorating steam.

Gently massage your moist scalp

You can now remove the towel or keep it on as you like it for letting the mask do its magic for another half an hour. You can for the time being listen to music, watch some videos or simply do those household chores in this time. Treat yourself with a cup of green tea to let the spirit of a spa bask in.

Green tea does wonders for your skin as it flushes out all the toxins from the body. The mask and steam meanwhile is working up its way through every strand of your hair to strengthen and make them look lusciously beautiful. The properties of the mask help to give extra nourishment to your hair and the steam makes sure that the mask is absorbed completely by your hair follicles.

Green tea

Now wash your hair with plain water removing every mushy trace of the mask. Drip-dry your hair with a towel and apply the nurturing serum with your fingers moving from top to bottom. Let the hair dry on its own. You are ready to take on the world with your gorgeous tresses!

Wash your hair with plain water