Straightening Of Curly Hair

Straightening Of Curly Hair

People with naturally curly hair would go to great lengths to straighten them up if they would like it to grow in height or to help them make more stylish.

Hair Straightening Is Done In 2 Steps

Break the Sulphur and Nitrogen bond in the cortex during the processing time. This softens the hair.

Second step involves the use of neutralizer as a fixative necessary to restore the sulphur and nitrogen bond to rejoin the hair. This makes the hair get the desired straightness.

As chemicals are used for straightening, the hair may be damaged. Hence it is imperative to analyze the hair texture correctly. Penetration of the chemical through the scalp should be avoided at all costs. Although this would mean that the new hair growth would be curly again. The hair grows at a maximum speed of 3/4th of an inch per month.

Before beginning the process of hair straightening, the texture and length of the hair should be taken into account.

Hair Straightening

Hair Straightening Procedure

Wash hair with a good shampoo and condition if the hair has been chemically treated or is damaged. Prepare straightening gel by combining plain white flour, perm lotion and conditioner Ensure that hair is tangle free and neat prior to putting the file board. Work on small sections of the hair, heavier the hair, smaller the section.

Begin at the back taking horizontal sections. Put the prepared gel on the board and brush it through the hair avoiding the scalp while doing so. Let the gel stand for 10 to 40 minutes according to the hair texture. Rinse well with water under pressure till all traces of the gel are removed. The board will be automatically removed by the pressure of water. After washing, comb straight and let it stand for 10 -15 minutes

Now put the neutralizer. After 10 -15 minutes, rinse off neutralizer; apply conditioner and comb the hair.  Always cut after straightening for an even look and avoid layering while cutting

Post care of straightened hair is also essential. Cut the hair at regular intervals. Treat your hair to a hot oil massage at least once a month. Use a serum to avoid split ends and to impart shine to the hair.

Cut the hair at regular intervals