6 Stunning Short Hairstyles For Women Above 50

Women can never be too old to flaunt a perfect hairstyle. Everybody deserves a good haircut or hairstyle no matter what their age is. God has given us hair for a reason – to style it, to take care of it and look good. God never said that you are 50 and cannot have a trendy hairstyle.


Whoever thinks this way is certainly going to have a bitter old age. But for those who want to go for a funky short hairstyle at the age of 50 and above – here we are to guide you right. Women need to look presentable and if a woman aged above 50 wants to look pretty and good, she has all the right to do so. Even if they want to color their hair or get bangs, it is perfectly fine.

By the way, 50 is not too old anyway. Short hairstyles are very much in – young girls or old women, short hairstyle looks good on all. Since old women are different from young girls, their personal style will be different too. Short hairstyle looks stunning on aged women and here are some hairstyles that they can go for which will suit their age and personal style.

Short Hairstyles For Women Above 50

Curls On Short Hair

Curls look really sweet on grey hair. If you have short hair, you could still give your hair soft curls. Grey curly hair which are tossed around your face will look very sweet. For those who think curls don’t look good on short hair are absolutely wrong. Curls will look great on short hair and will also suit your face cut. Make sure you wear a pretty smile with it because that will make you look even prettier. Go to a hairstylist and he/she will be able to give you the perfect curls.

Curls on short hair

Bob Haircut With Bangs

A bob haircut especially messy bob haircut with bangs can look superb. Bob haircut is short and a lot of women go for this style at 50. Make sure the bangs are short and fall cutely on your forehead.

This hairstyle looks very pretty and is the best option according to the age as well. Don’t think about things like messy hair is good for young people. Messy bob cut looks stunning on every age so go for it!

Bob haircut with bangs

Curly Hair With A Little Bounce

We did mention the curls but giving a little bounce to the curls gives a completely different and cute look. If you have full grey or white curly hair, then curls with a little bounce will be perfect for your age. A nice blow dry to your curls will give the perfect bouncy look. A little volume to your hair doesn’t hurt. You need to explain your stylist that you need a bounce in your curls and he/she will do the needful.

Curly hair with a little bounce

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Angular Spikes

Spikes are not just for men, ladies! It is true that we have only seen men with spikes but women who are aged 50 or above can carry this hairstyle with a lot of poise. You might have heard about Marilyn Maye.

And if you have, you would know about her hairstyle. She has very light grey hair with cool angular spikes which makes her look very happening. Spikes on your short hair will look very different and cool. Try it as you might just love it!

Angular Spikes

Pixie Hairstyle

Pixie hairstyle looks stunning on short hair. We have seen a lot of women sporting this hairstyle. No matter what you are wearing, your pixie hairstyle will make you look young and happening. Pixie haircuts are very much in and you will find both young women and old women flaunting it. There are a lot of Hollywood stars who sport pixie hairstyle too. Since it is really popular, you might just want to go for it. It is short, easy to maintain and manageable. Basically, it is a perfect hairstyle for an active woman above 50.

Pixie hairstyle

Pinned Up On The Sides

You can pin up your short hair on the sides with a cute pin and look really trendy. This hairstyle does not need you to spend much money on a visit to a hair stylist. All you need is a pin and a comb to bring some of your hair to the side and pin it up.

Old age is graceful and stylish and getting the perfect hairstyle has got nothing to do with age. So, go for one of the hairstyles mentioned above which suit your personal style and look stunning in short hair. Make sure you sport a lovely smile on your face.

Pinned Up On The Sides