Style Your Hair For The Prom Day

Style Your Hair For The Prom Day

A flashy dance floor, sparkling sky, a glass of wine and a lovely night with beautifully dressed people all around! Yes, we are talking about a very special night which is your so awaited prom night. You have your prom dress ready, got your hands and feet manicured and pedicured and you even got your stylish accessories to complement the dress.

But, what about your hairstyle! If you fail to pay attention to your hair, you might miss your deserving chance to be the prom star of the night. If you are looking for some good hairstyling tips for your prom night, we might help you a bit. Following are some most sought after trendy hairstyles for prom.

Trendy Hairstyles for Prom

Stylish Updos

If you want to enter the prom looking like a stylish diva, this could be your best bet. A lovely updo with all your hair tied neatly with the help of booby pins will work wonders for you. Complement this style with sweeping side bangs to give an extra glamour quotient to your hair, especially if you have long to medium hair.

Style Your Hair For The Prom Day

This way, you will not only look attractive, but can also flaunt off your open back or your sequined neckline. Moreover, if you do not like the idea of tying your whole hair, go for a partial updo. Here, your hair is partially tied up on the upper area of the head with rest of the locks left loose and natural.

Sedu Hairstyles

This is one of the favorites of the popular diva Jennifer Aniston and if you are a fan of her, for a sedu hairstyle. This will work best for both types of hair, be it long or short. This can be done at home with a sedu flat iron which you can easily get from the market. Simply wash your hair thoroughly, pat dry it with towel and apply loads of leave on conditioner to make your hair soft and nourishing.

When it gets dry naturally, use a sedu flat iron to straighten your hair in various strands. This is the perfect chick look for all the ladies who wish to make their strands look natural yet appealing. You can even style it up with a beautiful rhinestone pin on the side.

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Curly Long Locks

If you have beautiful long locks, you need not worry about your hair style. Simply curl your hairs on the ends with a side or front parting and let them loose. Curly long locks look simply stunning with a strapless or one-side shoulder dress. If you are wearing a backless prom dress, you can still flaunt your lovely curls by pulling all your hair on one side.

Hair For The Prom Day

This will not only make you look trendy, but also will keep your hair in its perfect place. Moreover, you can make a neat puff with the help of booby pins on the front of your head and leave the remaining curls loose. Make sure to use a styling spray after curling your hair to make the curls stay longer.