Styling Processed Hair

trendhaircut3Many men and women choose to process their hair to either make it more manageable or more appealing. The term processing refers to any type of chemical treatment that is performed on hair. 

It can be perming, adding color or adding chemicals to change the texture of the hair from straight to curly and vice versa. On the downside, processing one’s hair can also cause damage; especially if the hair continually undergoes chemical processing procedures.

Over processed hair can turn into trouble and make it harder to find a hairstyle to remove or hide the damaged hair. It is important to find a complimentary hairstyle for processed hair.

So, if someone has had chemical processing procedures done to their hair, what style should they wear their hair? The answer is to wear it in a style that would not require extra damaging work to be done to the hair such as using heated by curling tools or hair dryers.

Hair that is processed is typically drier than hair that is untouched. The hair can become so damaged that it can fall out, split at the ends or break off.

The hairstyle depends on the type of processing that has been done. If people are wearing permed hair then they obviously will not be using a curling iron nor will they be looking to straighten it with a flat iron. If the person does choose to curl it or straighten it, they should use a low heat and refrain from doing it too often.

It is important to keep processed hair conditioned. Some people think that when they condition their hair it doesn’t hold the hairstyle as well. But conditioning is essential to keeping the hair healthy and maintained.

It is ideal to keep processed hair short. Short hair requires less styling to get the complete look. Luckily, hair that is processed tends to have more volume in it so less styling is required.

If people choose to dye their hair, they should consider just adding highlights instead of coloring the entire head. It is easier to keep up with highlights rather than coloring the whole head of hair every couple of months.