Stylish High Waisted Pants

High waisted jeans are avoided by most women for they were worn by our moms and were seen in the middle ages during 1980s. They are again making a comeback and are stylish only if worn properly.

They are not actually high waisted and fit at your natural waist. They give an elongated and figure flattering look. Choosing a trouser that fits perfectly is important. Also a bit of flares in the leg makes it look classy. Here are few tips to wear them.

Attractive High Waisted Pants

High Waisted Slacks / Tight Fitted Pants

These high waisted pants are tight around the legs till the ankle point and are essentially for the slim figures with slender legs. Team up these pants with loosely fitted tops, a short tee shirt or high heels.

High waisted slacks

Let your hair be open and put on sunglasses. You can wear bangles and danglers. The shoes should not make you look top or bottom heavy. This gives a sophisticated and confident look. The look is also cool and casual.

High Waist Pants For Short Women

High waists are not just for tall women. If you are short, wear tailor cropped pants, so that hem does not cover your feet entirely. Wear high heels, wedges or stilettos to have a taller look.

High waist pants for short women

Wear a top that can be tucked in. Look for a high waisted pant that has flares. A shorter frame tends to look taller and attractive wearing a high waist pant that has a flowy cotton material.

Gothic High Waisted Pants

Wear a ruffled top and team it up with a hat. Also wear Victorian boots and slip on in a diamond ring to have that perfect gothic look.

Gothic High Waisted Pants

Gothic high waist pants can be real glamorous if you know the perfect way to team the dark coloured pants with similarly tight fitting, halter neck or off shoulder tops; of course variation comes with personal preference.

Vintage High Waisted Shorts

Wear them with a cute cardigan or blouse and wear flat ballets matching the top. Pinning a brooch will finish off the perfect vintage look. These shorts rise just above your belly button.

Vintage High Waisted Shorts

They look best on girls with a short torso or heavy busts. The styles make the hip bones more prominent, thus you can sport this look with a variety of short tops. This style actually promotes the mid-rise cut, which is a trend in vogue.

Plus Sized High Waist Pants

These are for the women who are reluctant to go for “slim hips” fashion wear. Do not be shy and pick up one such high waist pant and see how they balance your hips to the most attractive form.

Plus Sized High Waist Pants

If you have a curvy body, do not hide it, instead work on it. Do not wear an oversized top. Wear a top that can be tucked in. Team it up with a slim belt with embellishments.

High Waists Billowy Pants

Billowy pants give a flown up look to the lower half as if you are trapped in a parachute, but they don’t look odd of course. You can team pants with a backless silk top and a pair of stilettos.

High Waists Billowy Pants

Wear diamond earrings to get that perfect sexy looks. These pants fit well around the waist and the cut supports the butt. Girls with heavy butt can try these pants, they can hide the flaw.