Sunless & Fake Tan: Natural Alternatives and Self-Bronzer Product

Fake tan is one thing that can increase your glamour quotient to many levels. It can make any outfit look great on you however, it is said that getting fake tanning is not recommended much health wise.

It may promote skin cancer because of which one must think before getting this process done. The best option that is available to women these days is to get sunless tanning done as it is not as harmful as getting tanned under sun. Also, with such a wide range of options available, getting fake tan is actually a very easy process.

Self tanners are available in the markets which offer the natural tanned look. The new range has less concentrated formulas. These days, bronzers are available by the regular application of which, person gets tanned in several days. The best thing about getting tanned through this method is that you can control the tan since it increases bit by bit after every application.

Whenever you feel that you are sufficiently tanned, you can stop using them and enjoy the natural tan. Moisturizing tan bronzers are recommended for people with dry skin. For the self tanning, other options which are commonly used are tan sprays, indoor airbrush tanning process, etc. by the help of sprays; one can get tanned in a matter of few minutes.

This result is so quick that it just takes 2 minutes for the whole process to end. One just requires wearing bikini and then going on with it. Even though, it is a costly deal but totally worth to get a natural tan.

In case you are going for self tan lotion creams, you must take some precautionary steps. The most important thing to do before going through the process is to exfoliate skin. Dead skin layer can make you get splotches so do exfoliate.

Special care must be taken care of ankles, knees and elbows where only a thin layer of tan lotion is sufficient. After its application, stay away from water in every way as it may leave spots over the body. So this is all that one must need to know to get a fake tan.