Super Foods To Cure Mouth Ulcer

mouth ulcers

mouth ulcerWhat happens when little red boils grow in your mouth? They certainly hurt a lot and the reason could be anything from smoking, drinking hard liquor, stress, spicy food, Vitamin B deficiency and much more. However, they are very common and every third person gets mouth ulcer easily. It may even make talking or eating a little uncomfortable because mouth ulcers hurt a lot.

Imagine yourself having mouth ulcer inside of your mouth. It is a very uncomfortable and irritating condition to be in. Mouth Ulcer is also known as stomatitis, oral ulcer or mucosal ulcer and can be cured by eating the right kind of food.

If you have mouth ulcer, you can treat it just by eating certain kinds of food. It is surprising to think that some foods can actually help you in curing lesions, ailments and even diseases. We have jotted down the super foods to cure mouth ulcers which will definitely work for you. Take a look!

List Of Foods To Cure Mouth Ulcer

Foods Rich In Iron

Foods with iron cures mouth ulcers but it also helps in strengthening your muscles and bones. It is always advisable to have iron rich foods to keep your body healthy and free from ailments and lesions.

There are several foods which are rich in iron such as oysters, beef, spinach, turkey, pumpkin, broccoli, eggs, ham and much more. Once you start eating foods which are rich in iron, your mouth ulcers will get cured in no time.

Foods Rich In Vitamin B

vitamin b

If your body has Vitamin B deficiency, it leads to mouth ulcers and other conditions such as fatigue, depression and anemia. There are many foods which are rich in Vitamin B such as meat, eggs, soy milk, rice milk and oysters. Once your body will be free from deficiencies, your mouth ulcers will disappear too.


When you are having mouth ulcer, you should have foods which are highly rich in Vitamin C and are anti-inflammatory. You should have citrus fruits such as orange, bananas and pineapple. These are healthy fruits which cure mouth ulcers effectively. They also help in improving digestion.

Foods Rich In Folic Acid

folic acid food

If you are getting mouth ulcers again and again, you should have foods which are rich in folic acid. You can always prevent mouth ulcers to happen again by eating lots of green vegetables which are dark in color. You can have lettuce, spinach, green peas and asparagus to prevent mouth ulcers.

Foods Rich In Vitamin A

Vitamin A can help in healing wounds such as mouth ulcers which are lesions and look like deep cuts. Vitamin A is present in foods like carrots, watercress and basil. Foods rich in Vitamin A can help in curing mouth ulcers effectively.


Yogurt is an excellent food to cure mouth ulcers. It is rich in Lactobacillus acidophilus which helps in preventing mouth ulcers. So, have a lot of yogurt in order to be away from conditions like stomatitis.


Eating right can actually benefit you and help in preventing mouth ulcers. If you are already having mouth ulcer then try the above foods as it will surely cure the condition. Take care!