Symptoms Of Enlarged Uterus

enlarged uterusThe uterus of every female is made so that it can accommodate the growing fetus in it.When fibroids develop in the uterus then it enlarge due to the fibroid growth. Some of the women notice an enlarged abdomen at the time of pre-menstrual bloating while some experience in full term pregnancy only.

In some cases, this problem occurs at the time of menopause which is one of the important phases and it carries lot of impending disorders in the reproductive system which occurs during or at the ends of the childbearing or after the time of puberty.

But the problem of enlarged uterus should not be misunderstood as being obesity as it’s one of the serious health problems that should be dealt with proper attention.In rare cases,the enlarged uterus is due to adenomyosis whihcc is a disease that caricatures the fibroids.

Symptoms Of An Enlarged Uterus

The medical conditions that lead to enlarged uterus have a spectrum of symptoms like abdominal pain, premenstrual syndrome, menstrual cramps, backache, stress, nausea and immediate increase in body weight. The major symptoms are discussed in detail here:

Abnormal Menstruation

Abnormal menstruation is the problem in which the menstrual bleeding can be profused or prolonged in which blood clots come with heavy menstrual flow,irregular periods and discharge of blood between two subsequent periods.This is all indication of an enlarged uterus and the presence of fibroids.Some females tend to face the problem of anemia and become restless due to irregularity in the menstrual cycle.

Sudden Weight Gain

weight gain

When the body weight is increased suddenly then it also indicates the problem of the enlarged uterus. If the weight gain is around the waistline and the abdominal area then it is not natural and it should not be overlooked. The obesity weight gain also interferes with the menstruation cycle and infertility issues.

Different Types Of Pain

Different types of pain are aroused when the uterus is expanding. These pains are often associated with pain in the leg, pain in the pelvic area, back ache, lower back pain and pain in the flank, migraine , pain during intercourse, abdomen pain, bloating etc…

types of pain

Some women feel diarrhea and flatulence as well. The types of pain and its extent differs from woman to woman due to different immunity.

Reproductive Complications

In case the problem of enlarged uterus is noticed in teenage time then it brings several complications with it like infertility, premature labor, recurrent miscarriages, stillbirths and premature deliveries etc… Major complications are interlinked with pregnancy as the pregnancy takes place in the uterus only. This problem can be noticed at an early stage is the abdomen looks like that of a pregnant woman.



These fibroids can be removed with the help of a surgery known as myomectomy and in some cases it can be shrunk with the help of the technique known as Uterine Fibroid Embolization by which the uterus takes its original place. This is a better technique as in myomectomy the uterine lining can be damaged which impairs fertility. This problem must be diagnosed at the right time so that the woman can live a normal and happy life.

All the precautions that a doctor recommends must be taken care of to prevent the further damage and minimize the occurrence of the symptoms of the enlarged uterus. Make some conscious changes to fight with these symptoms.

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