4 Symptoms Of Hypothyroidism

4 Symptoms Of Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism or commonly known as underactive thyroid is a state when the thyroid glands produce hormones in a lower rate and the glands are characterized with an unusual rate of less thyroid hormone secretion.The production of hormones is interlinked with the rate of metabolism and this condition causes the organs not to work well.

The low production seems to get segregated towards the whole body to determine an effective functioning of the body. Adults generally get hit with this disease but children are too very prone to it and there are various effects or consequences of hypothyroidism since the growth,development of the body, working of cells etc.all get affected.

There are various complications if it is not treated timely and various blood tests can be done to find out the levels of thyroid level. The causes of hypothyroidism are the lack of iodine, x-rays,etc. The various symptoms which can alert an individual are:

Different Symptoms Of Hypothyroidism

The Tireness

Thyroid’s common problem is feeling tired, weak, lethargic etc. and the person might want to sleep throughout the day for about twelve hours. The low levels of energy would be characterized with less of exercise and the levels of endurance dip drastically.


The issue needs to resolving by the doctor as soon as possible and eating of diet which is free from gluten is very helpful in minimizing fatigue. A proper sleep for a hypothyroid patient is very much required.

Unwanted Gaining of Weight

Extreme gaining of weight is the first symptom noticed by the person affected with hypothyroidism and losing all of it is very difficult.

loss weight

The reduced rate of production of thyroid hormones may result in low extraction of nutrients leading to low digestion and metabolism rate going loss.Weight gain in women is all inter-linked with other organs like nervous, reproductive system etc.

Low Sexual Drive

Sexual problems provide difficulties at every stage of sex and this may occur in latter stages of sex life in an increasing rate. Since the production of hormones control the menstrual cycle the drive for sex goes lower once there is weight gain by the women or the inability to shed off the unwanted weight or the cause of autoimmune disease or irregular menstruation cycle or menopause etc. The treatment helps in getting the glands functioning properly.


The hormone level affects the nervous system causing depression to an individual. Since the thyroid glands affect many glands where brain is one of them so the depression should be analyzed through proper blood tests to avoid any problems and to attain a proper treatment.


The affect of thyroid and depression or menstruation and thyroid can be felt together. The production of hormones plays around with emotions and behavior causing disturbances to an individual.

Problems of Constipation

Since women are more prone to hypothyroidism and the production of hormones play a vital role with metabolism where the food converts itself into energy and fats leading to a proper passage of stool and etc.


The hypothyroidism can cause an increment in the level of cholesterol, heart aches and fluctuations in blood pressure. A proper treatment helps in a faster recovery and a proper functioning.

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