Symptoms Of Pregnancy Headache

pregnancy headacheIn the first three months of pregnancy headaches are very common and natural. They take place very often since during pregnancy the hormone levels are high and these can be a part of the headaches caused due to pregnancy. The circulation of blood changes and due to increment in the volume of the blood in a lady the pressure created upon the blood vessels is high.

Due to the increased blood pressure there is an aura of dehydration and the demand for fluid intake is high which in turn also causes headaches. The intake of nutrients and proteins should be really high during pregnancy and a woman should eat at regular intervals a healthy meal. Chocolates, spicy foods, papaya, pineapple should all be avoided during pregnancy and stress might be again a cause of it again. There are various symptoms to warn the woman to take healthy care of herself and they are:

Signs Of Headaches During Pregnancy

A State Of Preeclampsia

Since headaches are very common during pregnancy it can lead to a symptom, of preeclampsia. Preeclampsia is a state where a woman undergoes high pressure of blood and it is chronic in nature. A proper health consultation should be done if there are frequent headaches and it does not go away as fast as possible. If due to headaches the woman has an unclear vision, bloating of the body, abdomen pain or swelling in the hands it can get very serious.

Hormonal Changes

Due to the pregnancy the changes in the hormones take place to a great extent. The reproductive system hormones are secreted more like the birth hormones which basically are secreted to a great extent for the birth of the baby.

circulation of blood


The hormones are secreted to increase the supply of blood to the mother and the baby and many a times due to the pressure the headache takes place. Relaxants and other stimulants which get secreted are indeed good for the baby but the mother might go through some pains.

High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure being high during pregnancy can be a threat to the mother since it gives bad aches to the mother and even the baby is deprived of the oxygen due to the pressure being high.

high blood pressure

A high blood pressure reduces the intake of other proteins, nutrients and other minerals by the baby to a great extent and this in turn harms the health of the baby. Proper medicines should be taken after consultation because it is recommended that the mother and baby should be out of pain.

Low Sugar Level

Sugar level is the energy of an individual and if that is low it is of a big threat. Glucose is formed due to the food we eat and the energy is obtained from the breaking down of the food.

low sugar level

Low level of sugar or hypoglycemia is very dangerous since it may make the woman feel hungry and vomitish. A moderate hypoglycemia may make the woman feel nervous, jittery and cause serious headaches and a severe one might lead to a blackout.